Plucked Up is my new long-form slice-of-life comic series, set in the same universe as the burnout comics I made in 2021, and it’s exclusive to all my supporters on :patreon: Patreon, :twitch: Twitch, and :kofi: Ko-fi!

Here is a collection of links to all the different Plucked Up chapters and pages:

0. Burnout

The first story line I made in 2021, available to everyone right here on this site:

0. Burnout (Parts 1 - 12))

1. Nice Day

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1. Nice Day (Part 1))

1. Nice Day (Part 2))

1. Nice Day (Part 3))

1. Nice Day (Part 4))

1. Nice Day (Part 5))

1. Nice Day (Part 6 FINALE))

Plucked Up is updated fortnightly on Sundays. Be notified of updates by following me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Patreon, or Discord!

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