Plucked Up is my new long-form slice-of-life comic series, set in the same universe as the burnout comics I made in 2021, and it’s exclusive to all my supporters on :patreon: Patreon, :twitch: Twitch, and :kofi: Ko-fi!

Here is a collection of links to all the different Plucked Up chapters and pages:

0. Burnout

The first story line I made in 2021, available to everyone right here on this site:

0. Burnout (Parts 1 - 12))

1. Nice Day

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1. Nice Day (Part 1))

1. Nice Day (Part 2))

1. Nice Day (Part 3))

1. Nice Day (Part 4))

1. Nice Day (Part 5))

Plucked Up is updated fortnightly on Sundays. Be notified of updates by following me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Patreon, or Discord!

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