Loading Artist



Just finished streaming Ori and the Blind Forest this week. Such a beautiful game, and it plays so well once you achieve a certain ability (I found a video that talks about that specific thing from a game design perspective).

The resulting death count was 347.

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New Emote!

On Twitch the more subscribers a channel has, the more emotes that channel can have. With your support we now have 7 emotes to spam with! Thank you!!

As a token of my appreciation, I’ve made our next emote an outlet for you when I make those excellent jokes and puns. Presenting the newest Loading Artist twitch emote… loadUgh !

Here he is having a great time among the other emotes:

The next stream tomorrow will be a work/chill stream. Not sure what we’ll be working on just yet. Maybe another emote! Maybe a new stream overlay animation! Maybe none of the above!

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Happy Closer to Death Day!

It’s my birfday!

Thank you so much for being here, reading this, and being a part of my life. Every day I’m amazed I’m still able to do this full time thanks to all of you (especially my patrons!).

The downside to birthdays is that they make you incredibly aware of how quickly time is passing by and how much you still want to get done. Wait that sounds like I’m dying. I’m not. Well technically we all are. Anyway I’ve put together a to-do list and I currently have 87 tasks I want to get done for Loading Artist alone! This birthday post being one of them. 86!

Looking forward to the future!

But not too much in the future because we’ll be dead.