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‘Crime Pays’ Fanimation

Another awesome animation by Cameron Blake! This time it’s of the Crime Pays comic.

I love the way the judge moves the gavel as he pronounces each word, and the sound effects of the chair are a really nice touch. So good!

Direct link to the video here, and subscribe to his channel here!

And here’s the previous post about the fanimation done before this one: Lightheaded

Digital stickers!!

One question I get asked a lot is what are you doing with your life? Another is when are you gonna make sticker packs? WELL BOY DO I HAVE AN ANSWER FOR ONE OF THESE QUESTIONS.

I’ve put together a collection of some of the finest Loading Artist moments for you to use in your favourite messaging app! As long as your favourite messaging app is either LINE, Telegram, or RIOT.

LINE Telegram RIOT

💖 FULLY-LOADED patrons & FULLY-LOADED twitch subs can download all these in HIGH-DEFINITION! The HD pack (512px) comes with both the white outline and without! 💖

What about iMessage? Well I looked into that and found out I’d need a Mac, something called xcode, a $99 per year Apple developer account, and the will to do it. I have none of these things right now, but maybe later.

What about Facebook messenger? I’d love to as that’s something I use on a regular basis (unlike iMessage, as I’m an android boi). However it’s a bit trickier to get that ball rolling as Mark Zuckerberg and I haven’t talked at all this year (and the twenty-eight before that), so it might take a while.



Currently playing through Dark Souls III which is my first ever dark souls game to play, and does it ever show. I did have a (very) brief attempt at Bloodborne when that came out and I got swept up in the hype, but that was before I started streaming and without the help from you in the chat I did not get very far AT ALL.

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‘Lightheaded’ Fanimation

Check out this awesome awesome awesome animation of the Lightheaded comic, animated by Cameron Blake!

I really appreciate all the attention to detail (love the twinkling star addition), and the frame by frame animation looks painstakingly sweet (just look at this timelapse! I can’t even sit through that, let alone the 57 HOURS SPENT ON MAKING IT IN THE FIRST PLACE).

Direct link to the video here, and subscribe to his channel here!

Loading Artist Rewind 2017

Whooaa I can’t believe another year has finished and we’re all still alive (yay well done)! I hope you all had a great Christmas and now it’s time we sit down and look back on some of the highlights of 2017.

First up are my top five favourite comics, each personally HAND PICKED by yours truly.


Not Today


Kindred Spirit


At Your Service


Crack the Case


Temperature Temperament


This year you guys have really outdone yourselves with all the inside jokes and memes, so here are some of my favourites I found in our Twitch chat and Discord server.

And finally we’ve streamed more this year than ever before and here are some popular clips from Twitch.

Thanks again for an awesome year, I’ve really enjoyed making comics for you guys especially on stream. Thanks for all the support, donations, feedback, and title suggestions! I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you guys.

Hope you all have a good break and I will see you in the new year! In the mean time you can follow me on Patreon, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Discord.

Looooove you.

– Gregor