Loading Artist


Just wanted to mention my new Patreon design I did a lil while ago! Join me BACKSTAGE to check out all the stuff happening behind the curtain.

You can read about the different rewards on my Patreon page, but to summarize:

  • If the creation of comics is interesting to you, definitely consider getting a Backstage Pass.
  • If you’re keen on getting HD and speechless versions (great for wallpapers), check out the Fully Loaded Pass!
  • And if you’d like yourself immortalized as a character beneath the comic maybe sign up to be a VIP supporter! 

Click here to peek behind the curtain! I’d really appreciate it! 💖

New Merch!

Got some new merch in the store!

Really happy with this t-shirt design and if it looks familiar it’s because it’s based on the ‘Crack the Case’ comic. I’ve also finally got the WURK & LURK mug up which is a double sided mug based on the one featured in the ‘The All-Saying Eye’ comic. And for those who prefer their merch in a more 2D format I’ve also got ‘In My Room’ as an available print!

I’ve also included a bunch more comic prints (and removed the Loading Artist logo from the previous ones for a clean experience (I mean hey you’re paying for it)).

And the last bit of news to do with the store is that PayPal is now supported at checkout!

loadMic | NEW EMOTE!

Wow, I didn’t expect to be making another post like this so soon but thanks to the crazy amounts of support from you we got another Twitch emote slot unlocked! Which means loadMic is now available for all subscribers!! Pair it up with any other emotes you’ve got.

Also here’s a link to my Twitch channel if you forgot.

Also I’m LIVE right now trying to solve the puzzles in Grim Fandango. I think I’ve gotten dumber over the years because I don’t know wtf I’m doing.

Clip Show #1

Damn I really went full YouTube with that thumbnail huh.

I put together a short clip show of some of the highlights from the comic streams last month! It was quite fun to make, and I’ll try to make more so that my YouTube channel is not just 99% of archived comic streams without music (although it sometimes provides… interesting results).

I’ve disabled the ‘notify subscribers’ setting for this week’s comic stream archive video (and also future ones), so that subscribers only get notified when I upload a REAL video like this one.