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After nearly a year of on-again off-again work, I’m finally ready to present the new (and totally not over-hyped) stream overlay! It will be making its debut with today’s (tomorrow’s? (how 2 timezone)) stream where we’ll draw the new comic. The specific time is mentioned below!


Join us on the Loading Artist Twitch channel later today! 3pm PDT / 6pm EDT / 10pm UTC Wednesdays (or 10am Thursday in New Zealand (wow I hate time zones (oh god daylight savings is kicking in later what does that mean oh god))).

Also, I have a TON of sketchbook doodles relating to this stream overlay, and I’ll be dumping them all over my patrons along with next month’s rewards — just in case you’re interested!

To Garfield

I can’t believe I missed GF’s birthday! Garfield turned 37 38 on June 19th (I can’t math).
GarField not GirlFriend, get it?! Ha ha ha ha ha I’m so alone.


There were only 3 comics in my life when I was growing up: The Far Side, Calvin & Hobbes, and most of all: Garfield. I had way more Garfield things in my life than anything else (probably because Garfield is such a merchandise slut).


I loved Garfield, and I would read the comics every day. So much so that it made me want to become a cartoonist. Look, I even attempted a fan-made Garfield comic:



FUN FACT: Did you know there has been a Garfield comic every day since 1978? And Jim Davis is still making them, and has a whole YEAR’S worth of comics stockpiled? For comparison’s sake, my comic buffer right now is 0.

Hey also I’ll be including the crazy high-res version of this wallpaper (& behind the scenes sketches + animated progression GIF) as part of this month’s Patreon rewards! So if you like the sound of that, or just want to support Loading Artist, consider becoming a patron!

Also also, I’ll be streaming myself drawing the next comic on Twitch in about 8 hours! Goodnight!

Float On

Float On

This picture started off waaay differently. I’ll be providing an animated GIF of its progression for patrons with the next picture pack (as well as the high res)! If that sounds interesting to you, consider becoming a patron!

Clouds and oceans are two things I’ve dabbled with before (see below), but I’d like to get better at painting them. I still have lots to learn with clouds in particular.