Prints are BACK!


With the launch of the new print shop I’m matching INPRNT’s current 15% discount with another 15% discount to make a whopping 30% DISCOUNT for all prints this week!


I’ve ordered a few prints from INPRNT before and have been super happy with the quality. Printing prints is their speciality after all! That’s why I’m happy to have the art and comic prints be in its own shop, separate from the merch shop which focuses on everything else!


Grand Re-Re-Opening!


THE NEW SHOP IS OPEN and with a 10% discount as well! No need to enter a coupon, it’s automatically applied at checkout! :loadGoldJ: There’s also some new stuff too, so have a browse!

Sale is live until the end of the month (EDT)

:loadHmm: What about art prints & comic prints?

Prints will be launching on a separate specialized store next week! :loadLurk:


loadtoberJ 2022

loadtoberJ drawing contest

:loadJ: loadtoberJ is back again! 2022 style! :loadJ:

By now you probably know the drill, but in case you don’t:

loadtoberJ is a Loading Artist drawing “contest” where you pick a daily prompt from the official Inktober list, and loadJ-ify it! :loadJ:

:loadGoldJ: There are 5 different categories to win, and the winners will get their choice of t-shirt delivered to them! If you’re wondering what shirts are available, well, they’ll be viewable in the store… once that re-opens anyway. Very soon!

All participants also get a loadtoberJ-2022 badge to wear proudly on their Discord profiles. :loadCool:

Check the #rules Discord channel for more info, and see the winners 2021 and 2020 for inspiration! :loadLurk:


My New Comic Series


It’s been one year since the duck made his first appearance with the burnout storyline, and now I’m proud to finally launch the beginning of Plucked Up as an ongoing slice-of-life comic series!

Read the first set of pages here:

Plucked Up is exclusive to all my supporters on :patreon: Patreon, :twitch: Twitch, and :kofi: Ko-fi!, and new comics will be posted fortnightly.

I hope you like it!

<3 Gregor

Oh and also there’s a spider on every page. Good luck! :loadSpider:


33rd Birthday

I’m 33 and once again I’ve been completely spoiled by this amazing community.

This time getting together in secret to make this super awesome interactive Game Map, and with it drawings & messages celebrating moments & memories from the Twitch streams!

Huge thanks to SuperTux88 for coding all of this together (press Ctrl + ` to activate dev mode) Also special thanks to Everesce for drawing the map itself!

Here are a few examples of the different posts, and definitely check out the Game Map to see them all!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and deciding the fate of foxes with bits, by StevenDeLuxi

Mario Kart 8 in a very-distant very-alternate universe where Li (Exocomics) actually beats me, by Everesce

Planet Zoo and my priorities, by Anaryaa

… and so much more! :loadWow: A huge thank you to everyone involved, it was super touching and made my heart swell up (I should probably see a doctor). Below is a permanent VOD of the whole thing being revealed to me on Twitch:

Speaking of the whole thing, MarcMansfield over here with another incredible montage of a gazillion clips showing what the real Comic #500 really is. Check it out below (or this link) on YouTube:

Thank you thank you thank you!! :loadWow: You all make taking a step closer to death so much better!

<3 Gregor