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Happy Closer to Death Day!

It’s my birfday!

Thank you so much for being here, reading this, and being a part of my life. Every day I’m amazed I’m still able to do this full time thanks to all of you (especially my patrons!).

The downside to birthdays is that they make you incredibly aware of how quickly time is passing by and how much you still want to get done. Wait that sounds like I’m dying. I’m not. Well technically we all are. Anyway I’ve put together a to-do list and I currently have 87 tasks I want to get done for Loading Artist alone! This birthday post being one of them. 86!

Looking forward to the future!

But not too much in the future because we’ll be dead.

Winter Gaming

A write up on the games we streamed during December & January, posted in February! So professional!

EDIT: I changed the embedded Twitch clips to links (the automatic semi-preload made the page take too long to load).

Titanfall 2

Awesome campaign. Cool details. Smooth gameplay. Punching those helper bots to the ground even though all they want to do is work.

I don’t like playing as Titans – I’d rather it was just Fall.

Thanks to KiwiBearz for getting us the game!


The Final Station

The theme song. Cool atmosphere. Neat visual style.

The theme song is not long enough. Bit repetitive (apparently it picks up again near the end though).

Thanks to Senior Fish Face for getting us the game!

CLIP: Dropping Chair Technique



Overwatch (Winter Wonderland)

Got Tracer skin. Got Torbjörn skin.

Had to buy Zenyatta’s Nutcracker skin with credits (I NEEDED IT, for I am Tchaikovsky’s great great great great great grandson*).

*dna results pending


Planet Coaster

Crazy amounts of customization. Easy to use and implement other people’s creations if you’re too lazy to customize. Graphics look great. Can make a skeleton decoration poop dirt over people waiting in line.

Tricky to make money (WELL AT LEAST FOR ME (a lot of people online are saying it’s too easy; maybe running a business just isn’t my forte (says the webcomic artist))).

Thanks to Omega Lairon for getting us the game!


Enter the Gungeon

Awesome style. Awesome gameplay. Quick to enter, hard to master.


Thanks to Senior Fish Face for getting us the game!



I am the Eggman

This is a game I helped make with a friend during this year’s Global Game Jam. You can get it from here if you want to play it (download link is at the bottom). NOTE: Your PC will need to be beefy because this game only comes with one setting: EGGSTREME.


Not enough eggs.

Thanks to Pat, Randy, and myself for making the game!


For Honor (Closed Beta)

I’m still getting used to Ubisoft games not being terrible. The open beta will be starting soon if you’re interested in checking it out!

Looks amazing. Great animations. Deeper gameplay than I initially thought.

I suck (but I eventually started to realize WHY I sucked). Cool faction-based war overall theme becomes a bit redundant when Vikings + Samurai can be on the same team.

Thanks to komocode for inviting us to the closed beta!

CLIP: See yah

CLIP: Baten Arms


And that’s a wrap!

It’s been a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to finishing Resident Evil 7 for February’s post! Already got a few great clips out of that game alone.

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Over the years I’ve encountered fan-made animations of Loading Artist comics. Here are some that stand out to me!

This one made by EssenceCartoon was just uploaded the other day (which was what made me write this post) which they based on my Heartbroken comic. It’s definitely the most ambitious cartoon depiction I’ve seen yet, and I like how they kept that Playstation lamp detail.


This one by miniestudio was the first fanimation I saw (posted 5 years ago now (oh god, time pls)). I still love the way they animated that bowl. Based on my Breakfast Cereal comic.

The people just weren’t ready, miniestudio.


This one kinda freaks me out. Based on my Red Apple comic.


These next ones aren’t really animations (they’re dubs), but I like these two and I feel they deserve a special mention.

Based on my Out of Control comic.


Based on my Pet Rock comic.

My Best Comics of 2016

I think we can all agree that if 2016 were remembered for anything, it would be Loading Artist’s consistent posting and growth.

Between launching the Twitch stream with the Loading Artist theatre overlay system, actually updating the YouTube page, actually posting on the Tumblr page, launching a new shirt store, and going hard on sharing my comics all over the place, I’d say 2016 was pretty damn good for Loading Artist!

I’m changing the way we do this year’s ‘top 5 comics’ post. I used to sort these out by which comics got the most views on the site, but I realized they’re all pretty consistent. Most of the views that would determine spikes in popularity are usually off-site like on imgur/reddit.

SO INSTEAD I’ve decided to look through the archive of this year and pick out my top 5 personal favourite Loading Artist 2016 comics. I’M PROUD OF ALL MY BABIES, but these are ones that particularly stand out to me. In no exciting order:


Fish Outta Water


Punstoppable Punishment


Nobody’s Problem


Emergency Service


Spray and Slay


And there we go!

Did my favourites line up with your favourites? Maybe I’ve forgotten one. Which ones do you choose?

– Gregor

November Gaming

We streamed a bunch of games in November on Twitch so I thought I’d write up some thoughts on each game!



Tried out the new Arcade modes (1v1 and 3v3), another great update to an already great game. Blizzard are absolutely spoiling us with these updates. It’s one of the reasons it replaced CSGO as my go-to game these days. (Surprisingly, the ‘paying to spray a tag’ update did not bring me back to CSGO).

Watch live video from on www.twitch.tv


Golden Eye: Source


This is pretty great for a free standalone mod (you can get it here), and I’m really impressed that there are people out there who are so dedicated they’d recreate a classic from N64 with such detail. I never really played the original much so I didn’t harbour much nostalgia for it, but it was still good fun shooting you guys in the face.


Garfield Kart


Forget Mario, if you’re in the mood for karting you know you gotta play as a cartoon cat that’s notorious for being lazy and not moving around at high speeds. I love Garfield, and I love capitalism, but damn is this game a desperate money grab (then again what Garfield game isn’t? (Well, actually Garfield: Caught in the Act was really good)).

I wouldn’t have had as much of a problem with the game if it wasn’t so obviously just a quick port of an iPhone game. I think the only change they made was ripping out the ‘BUY COIN PACKS’ menu, but still kept all the gameplay orientated around grinding coins to continue.

Watch live video from on www.twitch.tv




Alright, maybe I’m not THE SMARTEST GUY OUT THERE, I’m perhaps not even in the top 10, and this game has definitely made me aware of that possibility. 0/10


Battlefield 1


Man.. when that first trailer dropped, I watched it a dozen times. I was worried they’d continue with the modern combat style, or even do 2141 2 (lol) with that easter egg they included in that map. But I’m glad they didn’t because then we’d have Call of Duty, Titanfall, AND Battlefield all doing sci-fi. Zzzz.

Personally I was hoping it would be set in the 80s (with an in-vehicle radio with 80s hits, like they did with BF Vietnam). But WW1 is also great.

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