Draw Them Words

I made a new streaming minigame!

I’ve put together a lil something for the :twitch: Twitch streams (using StreamerBot and OBS) which gets activated each time we achieve our sub or bits goal!

Three random words are selected (based on chat’s suggestions) and then I have five minutes to draw it. :pencil:

It’s still a work-in-progress (as is obvious by the video). :loadCringe:

eggplant + overlay + australia

The drawings are then automatically uploaded to the :discord: #drawings Discord channel and also to a new Twitter account: :twitter: @DrawThemWords

I’m also gonna be uploading some Shorts / Reels / TikToks shortly.


loadtoberJ 2022 WINNERS

loadtoberJ 2022 has finished and here are the BIG WINNERS!

What the hell is a loadtoberJ?

MOST CREATIVE :loadGoldJ: IoIoToTM with “Heist”

Most creative goes to IoIoToTM :loadGoldJ:

Don’t let the above screenshot fool you, this ain’t just a JPG. It’s a full blown INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE! Check it out here on IoIoToTM’s itch.io page.

FUNNIEST :loadGoldJ: MarcMansfield with “Trip”

Funniest goes to the legendary MarcMansfield :loadGoldJ:

Another one not to be fooled by the screenshot, this one’s actually a VIDEO! Go check it out here in the Discord, and make sure your sound is turned on!

And here’s a link to Marc’s YouTube channel, go sub to him!

MY FAVOURITE :loadGoldJ: IoIoToTM with “Heist”, AGAIN!

:loadGoldJ: You read this right. A double win. A first in loadtoberJ’s history. :loadGoldJ:

Personally I blame myself for the naming of these categories, I mean it shouldn’t be a big surprise that the most creative is also my favourite! :loadBlush:

Here are a couple more screenshots in case you can’t play the game:

LI’S FAVOURITE :loadGoldJ: Everesce with “Scurry”

As soon as I saw this amazing entry by Everesce, I knew it would be winning one of these categories for sure. :loadGoldJ: Li (aka exocomics) was quick to claim it as the winner for her favourite!

This other one by Everesce is also amazing. :loadWow:

A FOR EFFORT :loadGoldJ: jcboloso

The final winner of this year’s loadtoberJ: jcboloso! :loadGoldJ:

Jcboloso has submitted an entry for every day of the month of loadtober, and while some of them have had… questionable loadJ integrations :loadLaugh: , there’s no denying that a ton of effort has been put into making all of these nonetheless.

What really sealed the deal was jcboloso’s awesome final entry of the “Farm” maze:



Thanks again for all of your amazing entries! It was a lot of fun (but also really hard) looking over them all and deciding on the winners. But remember, even if you didn’t win a category, you’re ALL winners to me! Just not “win a free t-shirt from the shop” winners. Those are the four up there that I mentioned.

Anyway, check out the rest of the submissions here and below is a VOD where I announced the winners live on Twitch! :twitch:

<3 Gregor


No Dot

My Instagram account is now simply loadingartist !


Back when Instagram was new (and I slow), someone else grabbed the loadingartist name first and left me having to resort to “loading.artist” with that disgusting dot in the middle.

Eventually their account got removed because they either deleted it, or got banned (not because of me, though I wish I had that sorta pull). The loadingartist name however remained permanently unavailable…

:loadWow: … UNTIL NOW!

Now to try and do the same with my TikTok.


Prints are BACK!


With the launch of the new print shop I’m matching INPRNT’s current 15% discount with another 15% discount to make a whopping 30% DISCOUNT for all prints this week!


I’ve ordered a few prints from INPRNT before and have been super happy with the quality. Printing prints is their speciality after all! That’s why I’m happy to have the art and comic prints be in its own shop, separate from the merch shop which focuses on everything else!