Covid Holiday

Holidays are a great opportunity to try new things, and in my case it was getting covid.


I had started to get better toward the end of my holiday, but not getting much sleep on the way home kinda took the wind out of my sails again. :loadRIP:

I was originally (and, in hindsight, super optimistically) planning on drawing & posting the 5th chapter of Plucked Up: Plan Bee this week and also return to streaming again, but instead I’m going to take it easy and focus on recovering as fast as possible. :loadSnug:



Birthday Gallery

Everyone worked together in total secrecy to create this Fan Exhibit for lil ol me for my birthday. :loadGoldJ: I’m feeling absolutely blessed to have such an amazing community. :loadLove:

Massive thank you to everyone who took part, with an extra huge shoutout to fenxylynx for putting together the entire site in all of its glorious detail!

Here’s a highlighted Twitch VOD showing the whole reveal live on Twitch:

And below are some screenshots from the stream! These are only just a few of the masterpieces, see the rest of them easily in this Discord thread or, for the full experience, on the actual site!