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Bonus panels on Patreon!
Bonus panels on Patreon!


It was 10 years ago* when I decided to start a webcomic called Loading Artist. *actually 10 years, 1 month, and 2 weeks ago

When I was thinking about what to write about for this occasion, I was initially considering something about how I didn’t expect to ever get this far and that I never thought I’d still be doing this week in week out etc etc.. but now that I think about it.. I think I’ve always known I’d still be here making these comics. It was my childhood dream after all (although technically my dream was to work for Jim Davis making Garfields, but eh close enough :loadShrug: ).

However, there is one thing I did NOT expect with getting this far.

This. Amazing. Community. :loadLove:

For my birthday last year, the twitch/discord community got together in secret and planned a super extravagant digital birthday cake for me, with each layer being drawn by someone with inside jokes and touching messages. I was blown away.

And now for my 10 year anniversary, the community have once again COMPLETELY BLOWN ME AWAY and surprised me with THIS masterpiece:

LoadedArtists – a meticulously replicated website loaded with inside jokes and my comics REDRAWN BY THE COMMUNITY. :loadJ:

(press ctrl+shift+alt+6 to break the site. This site has more functionality than my current one!)

Even the store was targeted!

Thank you so much to everyone who took part in this. You are all so incredible. :loadWow: <3

And to top it all off, here is the one and only MarcMansfield with another amazing montage! :loadLurk:

Thank you thank you thank you everyone! Here’s to the next 10 years.

<3 Gregor

Loading Artist Rewind 2020

.. aaaand we made it!

Time for another rewind where we look back on the year, pick our favourite comics, and visit the newest Hall of Memes! But FIRST I want to show off the latest incredible video montage made by none other than the legendary MarcMansfield:

I can’t even begin to imagine how long that must’ve taken to edit it all together. Thank you so much, Marc!

:loadLove: :loadLurk: :loadWow: :loadLove: :loadLurk: :loadWow: :loadLove: :loadLurk: :loadWow: :loadLove: :loadLurk: :loadWow: :loadLove: :loadLurk: :loadWow: :loadLove: :loadLurk: :loadWow:

Next up it’s time to look back over this year’s archive and pick my four personal favourite comics!

Here they are in no particular order:

Out of Sight


Saving the World


Many Happy Returns




I used to pick five comics in the previous years, but then I found out Twitter only allows up to four images per tweet.. sooo if I were to pick a fifth, I think I’d pick Cool Move. :loadHmm:

Alright now it’s time to visit the Hall of Memes! This is a collection of my favourite memes and things (as well as some fan art) that I’ve saved from our Twitch chat and Discord server over the year:

And if that wasn’t enough inside jokes to potentially confuse and alienate you, there’s also Hall of Memes 2019 (and 2018 (and 2017))! :loadJ:

Finally with this rewind I just want to say.. while I realize 2020 is probably most people’s worst year (yet :loadWow: ), looking back over all the comics that were made and all the memories in the Hall of Memes it was actually a really nice year for me in spite of everything, so thank you very much for being a part of it and for making it so.

I’ll be taking some time off before starting on new comics again, but in the meantime you can stay in touch by following me on: TwitchTwitter, Instagram, FacebookTumblr, or /r/loadingartist! Or join the chat in our Discord server! Or become a patron and catch up on all the bonus panels/content you might’ve missed so far!

Thanks again, and see you in 2021! :loadHi:

<3 Gregor


Christmas emotes!

It’s December so I’ve turned up the Christmas spirit from 0 to a number higher than 0! The emotes on the Twitch channel are now graced with Christmas cheer and I’ve also updated the emotes on this site too. Just put the emote name within a pair of colons (:likeThis:) to have it show up in the comments.

:loadSpider: loadSpider

:loadShrug: loadShrug

:loadRage: loadRage

:loadNope: loadNope

:loadMic: loadMic

:loadLewd: loadLewd

:loadErp: loadErp

:loadUgh: loadUgh

:loadHi: loadHi

:loadHmm: loadHmm


loadtoberJ 2020 WINNERS!

The winners are in!

First of all, everyone who participated in this year’s loadtoberJ is a winner in my eyes. So much creativity oozes out of this community, it was really incredible to witness! But now it’s time to announce the actual winners.

:loadJ: Highest Voted: Mimismolgurl

No surprise this was the highest voted! This Little Mermaid looks fantastic and is a great interpretation of the Day 1 prompt: “Fish”. Nice reference to the streams with the bananas well!


:loadJ: My Favourite: Stroyke

This was my ultimate favourite. Even though it was one of the earliest ones (with the first day’s “Fish” prompt), my mind kept going back to it. I just love how clever it is and how it follows the shape of the :loadJ: so perfectly. Awesome.


:loadJ: Li’s (aka Exocomics) favourite: Grinzpilz

Elegant use of the :loadJ: in this NASA logo for the Day 16 prompt: “Rocket”, and a nice lil nod to New Zealand with the Southern Cross constellation! Also bonus props for making this (and all of Grinzpilz’s other submissions) on his phone :loadWat:

See Grinzpilz’s other submissions in his tweet thread – they’re all fantastic!


:loadJ: Most Creative: DryEraseGirl

I couldn’t fit all the submissions from DryEraseGirl into one picture but I tried my best to highlight some of my favourites! Absolutely blown away with how many different mediums DryEraseGirl managed to fit a loadJ into. Even an entire music video!!!

See all of DryEraseGirl’s submissions in her tweet thread!


:loadJ: A for Effort: Nycto

This was the hardest award to decide on because so many people contributed so many great submissions! But in the end I believe Nycto should be given the award, because I can’t even imagine how long it must have taken to draw all these submissions with coloring pencils. Actual traditional media. I could never do that.

Also for the record, the Lola Bunny did not factor into my decision..

..but it didn’t hurt :loadLewd:


And that’s it for loadtoberJ 2020! All winners get a :loadJ: Pin and Sticker, as well as a Tier 2 gifted Twitch subscription for a month!

If you’d like to check out everyone else’s loadtoberJ submissions, check out the #submissions_gallery in our Discord server!

Thanks everyone for taking part! Wear your loadtoberJ-2020 badges on your Discord profiles with pride!

<3 Gregor