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Bonus panels on Patreon!

Why Try

November 14, 2011

I would have posted this last night, except the Internet died. Suck. Although, in hindsight, 3am on a Monday night is the best time for Internet downtime. Good morning.

A few points to discuss this week:

  • Hats. Hats will make the first appearance in the upcoming shop, and the shirts will not be added until later because I do not want to rush them. I want to make sure the designs and material are the best I can get, before printing them. More info on the hats/shop will come as I receive it.
  • Twitter. I’m thinking about ‘tweeting’ more things. Things that are not necessarily directly related to the Loading Artist comic/site. Thoughts?
  • Skyrim. I have had a disturbingly small amount of time available for Skyrim so far this week. To keep me going I had the theme song playing on repeat during the making of this comic. Will do the same tomorrow during work.

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  1. ArfMaster says:

    My life in a nutshell

  2. Adirdagal says:

    This one is actually pretty good, both funny and realistic.

    1. Theodd1sout fan says:

      Yea why try

  3. Kicksledkid says:

    Yo man there’s a place here in Canada that can do custom stitching and stuff idk if there down where u are, but just google “lids”

  4. Shmeeg says:

    I can’t get enough. I’ve read almost every one! Also, I need to get a life.

    1. Little One says:

      I know what you mean 0.0

  5. Londeen says:

    Does no one see the warehouse 13 reference? I know it wasn’t intended, but its there..

  6. Hello same-name-guy,

    Great work again!
    I agree with the guy in the first comment.
    Wallpapers are a great way to promote your content for free!
    I will post them at my site, same like your comics.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. Fan says:

    How about making some backgrounds?? i just love the faces of your characters. and i would want a background of the whole crew or just some members 🙂

  8. jhspencer says:

    i wish i could throw a basketball around the world like that…

    1. Gregor says:

      Yup, that’s me. I don’t use deviantART anymore though.

  9. IamShanty says:

    Dovahkiin, for the king

    For the sake of skyrim

    For our life, for our homes

    For hrothgars blood

    For the nords, for the gods

    For the sole single son

    Dovahkiin, for our king

    Who’ll dawn with fire

  10. Nebetsu says:

    Don’t give up. You’re a great comic artist 😀

  11. Jackiesoarous says:

    I love his sad speech bubble. 😀

  12. Jason says:

    Skyrim will take your job and life away O.o so beautiful

    1. CHaoS says:

      And whoever disagrees shall recieve a FUS ROH DAH in the face.

  13. Omega Lairon says:

    But he’s clearly missed the shot… there’s got to be some elaborate “off-screen” shenanigans we’re not seeing to redirect the ball (hits a flock of ducks, bounces off a plane, caught by God, eg.). I think what’s not shown here really makes it work (for me anyways).

    On Skyrim briefly… I’m still bummed they didn’t add spears, but damn they made the Argonians and Kahjit look fantastic.

    1. Anon says:

      Actually, he got the shot. He just threw the ball all the way around the world first. OH. Now you get it.

  14. Pat O'Brien says:

    Tweeting things that aren’t directly related to your craft is a great way to show more of your personality (outside of your comics).

    So, I vote yes to more tweets! 😀

    1. btcprox says:

      Yup, I think quite a number of your fans would be curious about what goes on in your life! Although if you’re already swamped with work and would be really unable to increase your tweeting frequency, I’d rather you didn’t 🙂

  15. Armin says:

    What was that music? 😀 I wanna draw like you 😀

  16. Towel Bag (@TowelBag) says:

    Yes! Tweet more Gregor! Never too many tweets.
    Brilliant comic incidentally. Moving.

  17. Cory says:

    tweet! Tweet like the wind!

  18. JShone says:

    The third picture is soooo cute. xD Nice comic.

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