Why Try

Why Try

I would have posted this last night, except the Internet died. Suck. Although, in hindsight, 3am on a Monday night is the best time for Internet downtime. Good morning.

A few points to discuss this week:

  • Hats. Hats will make the first appearance in the upcoming shop, and the shirts will not be added until later because I do not want to rush them. I want to make sure the designs and material are the best I can get, before printing them. More info on the hats/shop will come as I receive it.

  • Twitter. I’m thinking about ’tweeting’ more things. Things that are not necessarily directly related to the Loading Artist comic/site. Thoughts?

  • Skyrim. I have had a disturbingly small amount of time available for Skyrim so far this week. To keep me going I had the theme song playing on repeat during the making of this comic. Will do the same tomorrow during work.

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