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  1. hi says:

    hi i was thinking of a idea what if you made a comic about a cop chase

  2. Booklover123 says:

    THAT’S where your picture came from?

  3. Awesomeness says:

    Did anyone read all the webcomics I did

    1. THEJACKLEY says:

      I did

  4. Jayce says:

    Theoddonesout recommended you

  5. RickyFyied says:

    Make it 001 Loading Artist lol

  6. miroslav says:

    Why didn’t you name the comics “A loading artist” instead “Loading artist”

  7. Foolish Lego says:

    Haha… This is brilliant! And EXACTLY how I felt when I started my own little project LOL

  8. █████ says:

    Well congratulations, you’ve just made it into my list of bookmarked webcomics.

    Very entertaining from what I’ve seen. (This includes a number of comics from the middle of 2012.)

    Thanks for the link, imgur!


  10. Dodo says:

    Dude, have no fear. I just looked up that list. On 0-10 and A, which are the first 2 pages, 9 out of 10 links are dead.
    I finally got tired of getting 404s and But this website crap and left.

    Loading Artist is starting off fun, though. Whee.

  11. Annie says:


  12. Nigthshadow says:

    The Adventures of Penis…

    1. Theo says:

      Antiseptic poetry
      Angel Ninja vs. Devil Ninja
      Apartment of Justice

  13. Emmy says:

    Umm… Did anybody else notice “Asthma is Sexy??”

    1. jim says:

      Notice (cough…) it? (wheeze……)

      It’s ::: hunh… gasp ::: MY BIOGRAPHY!

  14. Kidzcomic says:

    You really nailed it with this interpretation! Perfect! 🙂 … I had no idea how many were out there when I started mine. I remember when there were none published. It really is a sea of everything now. Congrats on a conveying it with such creativity and Kung Fu Panda awesomeness!!!!

  15. Kta1212 says:

    Action porn lol?????

  16. philer88 says:


  17. wtfitsKYLE says:

    holy SH!T thats a good analogy.

    love you.

    ps. make more comics

    pps. heres some inspiration: Loading Artist V Ragestache

  18. ZeoXia says:

    i like your comics bro its simply EPIC!!!

  19. dude says:

    man am i the only on who is depressed by this

  20. Coraline says:


    1. coolt22 says:

      Absolutly!!!!! Awesome!!!!! (ik its spelled wrong 😛 )

  21. Allan says:

    Hahaha, that is great 😀

  22. brobear says:

    what an awesome way to represent it! love it! 😀

  23. Adam says:

    hahaha! look how far you’ve come 😉

  24. Poncho says:

    This is Soooooo epic.

  25. Mitch says:

    I’ve never heard of any of those webcomics.

    Hey, wait…where’s “Amazing SuperPowers”? The ONE webcomic I’ve heard of that starts with ‘A’ isn’t on that list!

    Wikipedia…I am disappoint.

  26. Haim says:

    You should try google for better results.

    Also, did you know that Koogle is a name of a food?

  27. Puck says:

    you so cute!!!

  28. Boomhowerde says:

    But the thing is, i’m not browsing their sites, nor am i laughing at there comics. I’m browsing your site, laughing at your comics and wanting more.

  29. Shan says:

    lol. nice one 🙂

  30. Kelly says:

    T_T So depressing…

  31. muti says:

    excellent 🙂

  32. boko says:


    1. pete says:

      Hey boko, are you the guy who climbed the palm tree to bring down the ballon at the Lantern Festival in Auckland? Just curious if the world is really that small a place…

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