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Wealth of Knowledge

January 11, 2018

.. AND WE’RE BACK! Happy 2018!! I was planning on starting the year a bit earlier, but ended up doing a throat virus thing instead.

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  1. Derpina says:

    Seems that the father of the guy that opened the present in the prev comic is trying to find answers to get his kid out XD

  2. OmegaAshish says:

    XDDD Your comics sure are funny bro. Hope you make the next one sooner. <3 Also yes I used emoticons not emojis even thought I’m typing from an Iphone.

  3. ItsSpyderPig says:

    *Watches a Law and Order marathon all winter break*
    *Sees this*

  4. Arx11 says:

    Im hella early.
    And welcome back, sorry abolut the virus, Gregor.

  5. Dam you spider says:

    spider is going to tell them everything

  6. Faishal Rijal says:

    Mr. positive :v

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