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June 1, 2017

Woop, another comic frontpaged on reddit! Cheers everyone!

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Show Comments (11)

  1. CrimsonNoob08 says:

    thats me when i watch yo mama.

  2. The spider eating popcorn with him from the steam is cute af. I kinda want that alternate version instead.

  3. Marona says:

    It’s so bad that it’s good.

  4. tirsden says:

    So me these last few months when I was internet-less for reasons beyond my control. I ended up trying to get an old cassette-tape walkman with radio to pick up a radio station that didn’t suck… and all it would have taken was digging the manual out of my files (pretty sure it’s still in there even after all these years). The buttons were severely limited and unintuitive, but I finally managed to get a station that was almost tolerable. I grumbled over and over again about the crappy songs… but I never did look for the manual.

  5. ANDRES says:




  6. rz says:

    this is me, this is very very me

  7. Solarium says:

    Well, this happens with any show that isn’t between terrible and mediocre.

  8. WolfieTuning says:

    death is upon us

  9. LolHat says:

    Like the Walking Dead – you can’t stop, even though it sucks

  10. Tobias (Heyers) says:

    OMG spider is back!! Love it!

  11. storm1er says:

    LOVE IT !

    … sh*t, lives are still at “no way” oclock from France xD

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