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Trophy Hunting

July 31, 2015

Rest in peace, Cecil.



Tony Ramelli
Niklas Krig
Daniel Wilson
Justin Johnson
Gavin Bigall
  • Matthew Inman
  • Gustav Seymore
  • Keegan Gibson
  • Manfred Schreiber
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Show Comments (35)

  1. Basil says:

    This is my favorite comic

  2. Anony-meows says:

    is cecil his cat!?

  3. Anooomynous says:

    Stop overcomplicating and just enjoy

  4. D_1_and_only says:

    But he was my best friend

  5. yeety mcyeetface says:

    don’t forget Cecil’s brother who was also a lion

  6. That dude says:


  7. Bonnie says:

    Who’s Cecil?

    1. I like cheese says:

      yeah who is cecil?

      1. someone says:

        Cecil was a lion who was shot by a dude

  8. Mlke says:

    I like the comic, but the whole Cecil the lion thing… I don’t get it… If they showed pictures of this lion devouring prey and killing things while talking about what happened. I guarantee, people would have a different tone. Still, I don’t agree with trophy hunting. RIP Cecil

    1. Yago says:

      You’re kidding right? What the fuck do you think people thought? That the lion was a vegeterian that helped old woman cross the street in the weekends? It was an animal, it killed things to survive, like us.

      1. Gregor says:

        Killing things to survive isn’t the same as killing things for sport.

      2. Bluegem says:

        Besides, we’ve done far worse things to the planet than any lion has by simply living life how it was created

  9. Ana says:

    Great!! So cute!!! Some day :'(

  10. Antoine says:

    Great comic. The story about cecil makes me both sad and angry. I hope the american who did this is gonna pay for what he have done.

    Karma will make him pay big time.

  11. DanVzare says:

    I was kinda hoping that there would be an extra panel, where there was another photograph of the lion leaping onto the guy in an attempt to eat him.

    Making the moral of the story: Don’t take photos with dangerous animals.

    1. punchline hero ^ says:

      nice punchline you got here…

  12. Benyamin says:

    woah, you actually post something deep. awesome

  13. Omega Lairon says:

    Fresh new comic! This one took a lot longer than usual (animals.. never again).


    Great comic though. I remember they had a similar joke on the Simpsons (because after, what is it now, 28 years? Of course they’ve done every joke ever)> But of course, being a later season episode, they had to explicitly spell out the joke and strip it of any humour it once had. Sad.

    Not so here of course, the delivery is fantastic as usual, and the art and attention to detail continue to impress. Nicely done ^_^

    1. Omega Lairon says:

      (Sorry, forgot to clarify that the opening line is from the official comment posted with the 2013 comic “Food Chain”)

      1. zombie says:

        I think there should be some space between the “I must shoot it” frame and the frame where he gets his camera.

        when I opened the page I immediately saw the camera and the surprise was gone.

        The joke was still awesome though.

        with some more space between the frames, people have to scroll down before the twist is revealed.

  14. Dragon says:

    It’s the bunny ears that make this go from perfect to beyond perfect.

  15. Fuckface says:

    Cutest lion face I’ve ever seen.

  16. I love this one. And wish that this were really what happened…

  17. Nq says:

    Who’s Cecil?

      1. nq says:

        Thanks for quick reply, but I’ve already learnt of…

  18. Iro says:

    i’ve been following from the first comic, but this is the first time i’ve actually commented here. The lion’s really cute! Even though this comic’s short, I like the moral message it gives. Fact is you don’t have to kill or own every beautiful things, you can make it everlasting by just taking a picture :’)

  19. Cheerios says:

    But first.. Lemme take a #SELFIE XD

  20. Zanacross says:

    I’m glad that other people think this is the only way these beautiful creatures should be shot.


  21. Chris says:

    This makes me happy. And yet sad at the same time. RIP Cecil..

  22. Boba says:

    finally some lighter humor, I love it 🙂

  23. Punkhaz4rd says:

    The only trophy hunting that should be.

  24. Ayush says:

    Better than the other kind

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