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Time Machine

August 8, 2011

This one was a bitch. The last panel changed a lot, and I did the final version in the last few hours of New Zealand’s Monday (just in time for early Monday morning Americans). I’m going to bed now, goodnight everyone.

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  1. ChoosingAblaze says:

    I’m in New Zealand…

  2. Deer1031 says:

    I was thinking about it, wouldn’t right when the first time machine be made, a lot of different time travelers would appear and see the past?

  3. ArfMaster says:


  4. cooldude says:

    the time machine should only be able to go in the future up until the time machine was destroyed because the time machine could only go to another machine, it would not be able to go into the past and i’m being way to realistic about the idea of time travel.

  5. bb says:

    They had feathers! 🙁

  6. R Jay says:

    I want that raptor. It’s my favourite dinosaur.

  7. Wutnold124 says:

    How is possible to get back to today? He did say you could only go back in time

  8. Coyote says:

    I’ve read a novel a long time ago, with a most real possibility of time travel:
    when they tried the machine with some test object, after opening the time chamber they found some minerals and other crap. They tried it again with smaller time interval, until a piece of unfinished object (dunno, like a glass adorment) was the result. So they figured out, it is not really time travel, only the machine sets it back on the state of the set time. 🙂 So when the old and sick doctor tried it, he become young again. 🙂 memoires flashed of course but he carefuly prepared for that too and made notes to himself. the end 😀

  9. Chryssta says:

    Love that last panel! Quite nice looking. And what a cute raptor!

  10. tigrress says:

    Wow, I learned a lot about time machines from the comments here.

    Technically we don’t know SHIT about time machines b/c they don’t exist. All the so-called “rules” being spouted are based on theoretical machines. It all depends on how the machine works.

    Option 1 – A machine can only send you to another machine – making “mark44” correct.

    Option 2 – The machine sends you to a *copy* of the past ONLY. Making our dear Greg(or) and Happy Vampire correct.

    Option 3 – The time machine can do whatever the fuck you want – Making HG Wells and Zemeckis/Gale right.

    Option 4 – Time Machines work w/n the alternate realities/parallel universes, literally treating TIME as the 4th dimension that it is. Which could take you to damn near anywhere, couldn’t it? (Making What the Bleep and Star Trek right…)

    ^_^ Other ideas for this non-expert? 😉

    1. Okay,I will help you:
      I’m right,others are wrong.

  11. WHOAyourgay says:

    haha he has to live over a billion years to get revenge on the dued

  12. [Watch out! Argument from a sci-fi fan incoming! HIDE THE KIDS!]

    Actually,time machines in the past are the only possible time machines. Plus,going in the past changes nothing,because theorically you ARLEADY did it,so there are no risks.

    Hello from Italy 😀

  13. ZeoXia says:

    i really like time machine comics do more please

  14. Aidy says:

    Going back to the past is always a great move! Perhaps change the future as we know it? Brilliant comic!

  15. moppelkotze says:

    going to the future is simple, because it just requires slowing down subjective time (by flying near light speed or freezing yourself). you could them go back with your time machine.

  16. Pushpraj says:

    Love your comics.
    But how does the guy comeback if the time machine doesn’t allow future travel? (i mean faster than a sec/sec of course)

    1. mark44 says:

      Everybody knows that you can go back only to the day that a time machine is invented and cannot for forward except to the date you started.
      Thus, we have never seen time travel yet because a machine has not been invented yet, but when it is, you will only be able to go back in time to that date that it is invented. So if a mchine is invented in March 2015, then lets say in January 2100, you can only go between March 2015 and Jan 2100.
      Everybody knows this.

      1. mixman320 says:

        You know this

  17. MysteeryMan says:


    1. MysteeryMan says:


  18. David says:

    Hands down still the best webcomic ^-^

  19. Jordan says:

    I’ve often wondered if I would rather see the future or go back in time. I think the future seems safer but has the promise of some sort of interactive Ultra Porn. As apposed to the past which, contrarily, seems more dangerous and I have the chance of catching the Plague…I think I’ll take the Future for 1000, Alex.

  20. Laderp says:

    I just love how expressive your characters are! They really help portray the emotion! Awesome comic! Exclamation point!

  21. Khm2008 says:

    Just read all your comic love them all keep up the great work

  22. Balls McHuge says:

    I hate to say, I didn’t laugh on this one BUT because of the insanely detailed and beautiful last panel I was restrained from disliking it.

  23. me says:

    this one is very original! a time machine only for the past…

  24. philip says:

    Tell me you didn’t draw the last panel’s background

    1. Gregor says:

      I painted it 🙂

      1. Daniel15 says:

        Wow! Awesome! 😀

      2. Shan says:

        wow, simply amazing 🙂

      3. Tiki says:

        I would love a copy of your original painting of the last panel of Time Machine. I’m trying to learn how to paint and that was amazing. Can you sell me a print? You could even email it.

        1. Gregor says:

          Don’t worry, I have emailed it to you 🙂

          1. Suhail Sherif says:

            Me too! Me too!

          2. Bastien says:

            Can I get one too pretty please ?

      4. toniyo3 says:

        Hey Gregor, can you be so kind to email me the last panel? Please 😀

  25. Lil'REDpunk says:

    >o< Velociraptor!!

  26. ringostar says:

    you have done it again – brightened my day!:)

  27. Tim says:

    Nice! Love the artwork!

  28. Shortcakes2000 says:

    Epic! d^_^b

  29. steevo says:

    Once again my Monday has been brightened up. Thank you

    Sleep well also XD

  30. Daniel says:

    Nice comic!
    One question – Is your text hand-drawn or is it a custom font?

    1. Gregor says:

      Hand-drawn 🙂

      1. Daniel15 says:

        That’s great, it looks really good. A lot of comics don’t seem to have nice writing. And when they do, it’s actually a custom font, not handwritten (Dilbert is one comic where it’s actually a custom font).

  31. Scoll says:

    use a gps riding t-lex. oops, come to think of it there are no satellite….

  32. you should build a tardis!!

  33. unibroue says:

    Mouahahahahahah … i rarely laugh like that on mondays!!!!

  34. freakart says:

    Jurassic park FTW!

  35. Yeah~ says:

    New Comic!

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