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The Ugly Pluckling

September 28, 2017

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Show Comments (16)

  1. zach says:

    so… the moral is dont be an ass or you immediatly die… i like it.

  2. xp70000 says:

    Christ such a anti philosophical point of view

  3. Lightl GD says:

    Looks like flowey in a nutshell.

    1. Too random says:

      OMG lol yis (y undertale tho)

  4. Flower Corpse says:

    The Spider is savage LMAO

    1. I love tacos says:

      What do you mean? What spider?

      1. You love Tacos? I love Pizza says:

        Loading Artist usually hides a spider in all of his comics he posted. The spider is on the lawn mower.

  5. I had to fill this to comment says:

    Spidey isn’t so nice after all!

  6. Joao Antunes says:

    This one is awesome HAHAHAHAHA

  7. Seckin says:

    I love it when you add one more joke over the obvious one. 🙂

  8. anoniempje says:

    OMG i didn’t know Spidey had such a mean streak

  9. Road says:

    At least spider is safe! Was getting worried about him.

  10. Per Son says:

    All the flowers died. Ouch

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