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The Red Balloon

May 22, 2011

I wasn’t happy with the original comic I had planned after the last one, so I came up with an all new comic idea and sketched it out and everything. Then I wasn’t happy with that one and came up with this one instead. This is why it took a while.

Google has banned my AdSense account due to ‘invalid activity’ and removed all the moneys I had made. I think some fans clicked an ad too many. I really don’t see the logic behind this, as I could just spam any random site’s ads and have them banned too, right? But oh well, those ads were ugly anyway, good riddance.

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  1. Jonah says:

    I don’t get it

  2. That dude says:

    You know something tells me that balloon isn’t actually there

  3. Memo says:

    That last JUMP is pretty…dark

  4. ArfMaster says:


    1. Sunzet says:

      IT be like

  5. somebody says:

    I’m not sure if he killed himself at the end.

  6. Skippurr says:

    hey dude. i used this as a webcam in my dA… http://doddlefur.deviantart.com/
    watermark is still there, tho. i just wanna let you know xD

    i frikking love this comic.

  7. LuckyLuck says:

    take chances! take a risk! be adventurous!! i wouldnt associate this comic with suicide. the character in the parachute is clearly holding on to the wall to assist the guy in the building to jump in. sometimes we are afraid to make decisions that we have yet to explore. And when an opportunity comes up, we avoid them by making excuses.

    1. Unreal says:

      He imagined the guy in the ballon

      1. Goofy Guy says:

        perfect reply lol

  8. Yo says:

    I don’t know if he meant that, but that could be a similitude to suicide… well if you planned that, well done

  9. genericusr.EXE says:

    … Wow, that was dark…

  10. Kicksledkid says:

    You can appeal the choice by google

  11. MatthewLH says:

    maybe you should make a page of the “B-Sides” comics you didn’t think were great and maybe people may appreciate them, and if not they were warned

  12. Rochelleo says:


  13. sofia says:

    no dont junp

  14. debsak says:


  15. RandomDude says:

    don’t jump don’t jump

  16. Nabil says:

    JUMP! JUMP! JUMP! JUMP! and…. you dead. πŸ˜›

  17. M. says:

    You might be a victim of click fraud – it’s when a competitor clicks your ads repetitively so that you get blocked. Do you have some jealous, cheap rival web comic creator that would be patient enough to do so?

  18. FUN says:

    I’m not here!

  19. jesus christ says:

    haha holy shit that’s dark

  20. gabriel says:

    yours is a lot better than xkcd
    gj dude

  21. Qfasa says:

    This is the same as the xkcd comic…

  22. Kirameo1 says:

    I’ve read many of your comics and they’ve been really amusing πŸ™‚
    As for this comic, I get the weird idea that the guy on the balloon is an illusion and the other will hit the ground and die D:

  23. Andra says:

    So, is it a direct homage to http://xkcd.com/308/ ? Anyway, even if the similarities are coincidence, the twist is so creepy it is great.

    1. Gregor says:

      Oh wow, the similarities are crazy, but I assure you this is the first time I’ve seen that comic. I might need a team of web comic enthusiasts to ask if my idea is original before continuing it, heh.

      1. Lil'REDpunk says:

        it’s still a good comic!

      2. Jordan Canning says:

        I could easily fill that position.

  24. Pilpecurb says:

    I grinned until I got it, and now I’m sad πŸ™

    1. Confused says:

      Why were you sad at the end??

      1. TT says:

        Because he killed himself?

  25. rnbguru says:

    Found your comics today and have read every single one. I’m sorry about google’s deal with Adsense. Unfortunately, they seem so guarded and act out against people without working with you.

    Still, I love this strip. Very artsy, and definitely makes you think. Frankly, your spoiled if you get to sit near a window you can jump out of!

  26. Goewie says:

    this was posted on my birthday πŸ˜‰

    1. Thunder says:

      Not the best comic for that reward, honestly.

  27. RubberDogTurds says:

    but… but that’s mean πŸ™ grrrr google

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