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The More the Merrier

December 12, 2019

Thank you to everyone for your really nice and supportive comments about last week’s comic and Latte. Also a warm welcome to our newest VIP member below: Teddy Boragina! :loadLove:



Tony Ramelli2
Gustav Seymore
Dennis Schubert
Lily Williamson
Lukas Lenzenweger
Cory Gingerich2
Per O isdahl
Fuu Harahap
Teddy Boragina
  • Matthew Inman
  • Henry Vindin
  • Bradley Pirtle
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Show Comments (30)

  1. Chewbacca says:

    Aww Latte ;-;

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. DragonBladeM says:

    Lol. This reminds me of that one Polandball comic.

  4. R3Ked says:

    R.I.P. Pluto…

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’m kind of hesitant to say this, but can Latte please be a recurring character in any comics that involve heaven or God? Or even more with Death, like last comic. You could even make one about the devil having to babysit them.

  6. AtrumMessor says:

    Gotta be uncomfortable, having a spider that big on Uranus…

    1. derf says:

      That’s actually Neptune, in blue

      1. Anonymous says:

        You can tell because it has no rings!

    2. Adam Cabrendera says:



  8. Hi says:

    i love how latte is in this <3. also, this comic was hilarious btw.

  9. Junebug says:

    Latte is gonna destroy the solar system

    1. Henry says:

      Latte: The destroyer of worlds

  10. Ascariss says:

    them kinder egg were such a bargain

  11. Jake C says:

    It brought a huge smile to my face to see Latte here.

  12. Turner says:

    Please make Latte a recurring character in the comics that have to do with God or Death. I can just imagine them napping in a cat bed in the background of a panel with God, or riding on Death’s shoulder, or perhaps being carried in some kind of baby harness for cats. Maybe even have Satan visiting with cat toys. Just a thought.

  13. Teddy Boragina says:

    new VIP what what?

    1. Anonymous says:


  14. Andrew says:

    So that’s why Pluto isn’t a planet anymore! The damn cat broke the ornament!

    1. Hi says:

      excuse you, thats Latte!

  15. That dude says:

    Yes, just Yes

  16. Anonymous says:

    i was there during the stream. also i found the spider. and for the magic trick he literally had a bunch of kinder eggs on his desk. 😉

  17. Chhavi Gupta says:

    Merry Christmas latte

    1. Anonymous says:


    2. Anonymous says:


    3. Anonymous says:

      Rip latte

  18. Junebug_2007 says:

    Wow Latte gonna destroy us

  19. Theron Struzik says:

    You’ve done a very good job over the years. I’ve enjoyed watching your art style change and your humor mature. You bring a smile to my face every time you make a comic, you’re a blessing to everyone who can enjoy the grace of your comics. Thank you for everything you’ve done and don’t stop being awesome.

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