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The Meal so Nice

April 26, 2018

Speaking of Instagram, I’m all about that Stories feature. May or may not contain food sometimes. Also in case you want even more vomit pixels, I do post the HD versions for Patrons (and/or other rewards depending on your tier)!

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Show Comments (14)

  1. The worst part is that he’s eating the vomit in the last panel!

  2. Hhmharis says:


  3. Arx11Comic says:

    Oh jeesus, I needed this. Nice. And he ate it.

    Poor waiter

  4. Grützi says:

    I really was a vomit stream and I still wonder what he ate. I mean, it must have been REALLY good. He ate it twice.
    Why did you change the phone’s brand logo from a kitty to your hat?

    1. Grützi says:

      *It was… damn it

    2. Arx11Comic says:

      It’s always been like that. Look back on “Ugh,” and so many other comics with phones. Or “Lightheaded”

  5. r says:

    EWW, disgusting! I love it

  6. Balake says:

    Why did he throw up a spider

    1. Arx11Comic says:

      I’ll give you credit for trying to say where the spider is but not actually saying it. *Pops confetti for spoiling the spider*

  7. cocopuf says:

    Oh God, why?

  8. Dwarfofscience says:

    wow literally reading through archives accidentally clicked most recent button and BAM! a new comic!..

    p.s. love loadingartist good jeb gregor

  9. CakeFace says:

    I was never into Instagram anyways

  10. Justsomedood says:

    That was interesting.
    Are you ok Gregor?

  11. stalker11111111111121 says:

    So true

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