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The All-Saying Eye

May 10, 2018

I put together new custom cheermotes for the Twitch stream! Oh and halfway through this comic my Cintiq pen broke, so I finished it with the Intuos.




Tony Ramelli
Steven Noonan
Geordan Melton
  • Matthew Inman
  • Gustav Seymore
  • Keegan Gibson
  • Henry Vindin
  • Dennis Schubert
  • Cory Gingerich
  • Lukas Lenzenweger
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Show Comments (54)

  1. Chewbacca says:


  2. Thank you, I’ve recently been looking for information approximately
    this topic for ages and yours is the greatest I have found out so far.
    However, what about the conclusion? Are you certain concerning the supply?

  3. Arx11 says:

    BEFORE U RUIN THE SPIDER: Only say where it is if SOMEONE ASKS. If nobody did, just say ‘Good Comic!”

    1. Geordan says:

      good comic my man.

      1. Arx11 says:

        Thank you XD

  4. Savannah says:

    *takes picture of self*
    a stable and happy person that loves life
    *submits error report*

    1. ??? says:


  5. Arandompasserby says:

    Wait… Are you the real one?

  6. theuninformedhobo says:

    but hey, at least the app didn’t call you an ugly man, amirite?

  7. YEET says:

    poor spidey, its drowning

    1. YEET says:


      1. Nitro says:

        no one likes a grammar Nazi

        1. JasonTheEgg64 says:

          No one likes someone who almost tells where the spider is :/

    2. Bo says:

      its a theory

  8. Balake says:

    Found the spider

    1. RickyV says:

      It’s drowning!!!

  9. KaVu says:

    Most of the comments are about the spidey thing. >_<

  10. laurdraws says:

    nice job shading that mug finally!

  11. Stalker1111111111121 says:

    Scans me: “depression”

    Sounds about right 🙂

    1. JasonTheEgg64 says:

      Then why is there a smiling emoji?!

  12. Hi, Gregor! Great comic! You’ve really inspired me to start my own comic series.

    1. Arx11 says:

      *SNUFF SNUFF* odd1sout avatar….

  13. BeavertonBoi says:

    Spider in fourth panel water jug thing.

    p.s. please dont kill me

    1. xFatalxLaughterx says:

      If you knew that it would upset people, why would you spoil the spider???

      1. meme says:

        why would you look at the comments before looking for the spider

        1. YEET says:

          he has got a point

        2. Lol McMeme says:

          There can be one memer

          1. Uhhhhhh says:

            Poor spider and you spoiled it.

    2. Arx11 says:

      *pencils begin to rain down on this Spider Spoiler*


  14. BeavertonBoi says:

    Simply superb.

  15. Randall says:

    Found the cat! It’s on the back of his mobile!

    Oh, that’s not a thing? And the spider got spoiled like 5 times already. Ah well…

  16. xFatalxLaughterx says:

    Which comic has the earliest spider??? I need to know because reasons…

    1. Crash_O_Bix says:

      the very first spider ever was in ‘inspidered’ but this spider easter egg thing started in ‘laws and found’.

      unless i’m mistaken

      1. xFatalxLaughterx says:

        Thanks my guy. It is very appreciated.

        1. My butt says:

          TO INSPIRED I GO!

  17. A cat on the Internet says:

    Did you make this entire comic just to sell that mug?

    1. A cat on the Internet says:

      Oh wait, it’s from that “why say it when you can wear it” comic.

  18. Arx11 says:

    I hate myself mug.
    I’m hella early

  19. Rat says:

    I love the cat phone! I need to have it.

  20. Con_E_1 says:

    His mug says “wurk and lurk”! The “handsome man’s” mug

  21. Con_E_1 says:

    His mug says “work and lurk”! The “handsome man’s” mug

    1. Con_E_1 says:

      Sorry for the double post, page didn’t load right.

  22. Ray dude guy man says:

    Spider is very well placed, good camo

    1. A cat on the Internet says:

      Glub Glub

      1. Arx11 says:

        AAAAAAAAAAAA SH*T YOU SPOILED IT. My day is ruined. Your mother would be disappointed in how you turned out today.

        1. theuninformedhobo says:

          uhh technically he didnt spoil it

  23. Con_E_1 says:

    Wow. That is awesome. LOL

  24. Roloco says:


  25. Swevener says:

    Poor spider 😀

  26. Justsomedood says:

    These comics got me weak

  27. Dave says:

    The real question is if it can identify the spider.

    1. A cat on the Internet says:

      (Bubble with legs)

  28. Uhh no u says:


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