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Bonus panels on Patreon!

Taking a Dive

May 26, 2016

We’ve nearly reached 4,000 followers on Twitch! Thanks so much everyone! I feel like my singing continues to improve over time (if that’s even still possible???).



Tony Ramelli
Gavin Bigall
Steven Noonan
  • Matthew Inman
  • Gustav Seymore
  • Keegan Gibson
  • Joachim S. Bech
  • Henry Vindin
  • pemko
  • Dennis Schubert
  • Stephen Pieraldi
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Show Comments (29)

  1. Unicorn says:

    Lesson of the day look before u dive or u will die cuz of sharks

  2. YaBoiRick Offical says:

    W0W 7H47 C0M1C W45 4M4Z1N9

  3. KaVu says:

    Spider near the pirate (left)

  4. Prabha says:

    On the top right of the 2nd panel, the spider the dressed like a pirate!

  5. APrayingMantis says:

    I’m always gonna look for that spider.ALWAYS!And I know where to look now. Another Amazing Comic!

  6. Alex says:

    OMG I didn’t even realize they were pirates until l read a comment! LOL

  7. tobias says:

    Wauw in my country it is 16:19

    1. tobias says:

      And it’s 3 juni XD

  8. Chazkav says:

    This is the first comic i was there to see made 😀

  9. lokee says:

    love that spider XD

  10. Ziv says:

    Yay! another loading artist comic as good as always 🙂

  11. Mosquito says:

    I always come right in time for a new comic

  12. Mosquito says:

    The spider is the best part of this.

    1. Mosquito says:


      1. Chazkav says:

        Why did you reply to yourself?

          1. Lol McMeme says:


        1. Bigmouth1012 says:

          He felt lonely

          1. jack says:

            yes i agree

  13. zombie says:

    when you look a few times a day for an update form loading artist, only to see a new update on 9gag first.

  14. Omega Lairon says:

    Those pirates seem easy to impress… the single front flip isn’t a particularly high difficulty dive. Granted, you’re only at… what would that be, 3m above the water?

    Okay, maybe it’s a little impressive >_>

    Seriously though, looks great.

  15. ss88 says:

    What score from the spider?

    1. B says:

      An “8”.

      1. Uhryeehs says:

        Oh give me a 8r8k there can only 8e one pir8 spider!

  16. Roshar says:

    That pirate spider :3

  17. MrSonnet says:

    That what I call extreme swimming

    1. Standard dude says:

      Woah are you a time traveler?

    2. jack says:

      very extreme

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