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January 16, 2020

Welcome to 2020! I’ve been working on improving some parts of Loading Artist (some of which is live on the site right now), but I’ll describe it in more detail in a blog post soon..! Also pls welcome our newest VIP members below: Ruben van der Leun and Duke Franco!

Title thanks to IIsWolfee from the stream! :loadLove:



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Show Comments (24)

  1. ShadOh says:




  2. Someoneontheinternetigeuss says:

    Does he have a spider in every comic

    1. Anonymous says:

      Since about late 2015 yeah.

  3. Dracula23 says:

    I’m guessing spider mode is when it leaps out of your hands onto the xeling to get a better veiw.

    Or I’m just insane. I probably am. But if you agree with me, plz tell me.

    1. INFO says:

      I agree

  4. Hi says:

    this is soo funny! i love where you put the spider, Gregor! totally worth the wait :loadLove:

  5. Don Getti says:

    I don’t get it.

    1. Raleigh says:

      The readers assume he was using her phone to take a picture f her only to reveal he was using his phone so that he can analyzing how perfect he would be with her. That’s my best guess.

      1. Test says:

        I still don’t get it.

        1. DeRookie says:

          So the lady asks the guy if can take a picture of her WITH THE PHONE SHE IS HOLDING. But the guy is taking a picture with HIS Phone.

      2. Don Getti says:

        The readers are mislead by the fourth panel depicting the lady’s phone in detail…

  6. ilikepi12 says:

    The spider mode is cool

  7. kktkkr says:

    Uhh yeah sure! *pulls out drawing tablet*

  8. Niru App says:

    Totally worth the wait bro !

  9. Randall says:

    BWAHAHA! Well worth the wait. And the spider location is genius

  10. Anonymous says:

    Is really the a spider mode in phone

  11. Postinafic says:

    Wait does it literally say spider? Is there an actual spider?

    1. Raleigh says:

      That is suppose to be the hidden spider. This isn’t the first time the real spider is hidden differently where it is for once text. I believe the last time which was like 2 years ago was some sort of spooky comic where it translated to spider, but if you’re interested, I could take my time finding the comic that I am referring to.

      1. Postinafic says:

        I am very interested thank u!

        1. Corey Dunn says:

          The Spider is on the couch of that comic, the two shoulder sides.

          1. The Cocoa Man says:

            The spider is in the views. It’s in an alphanumerical code that when decoded reads “spider”

        2. Anonymous says:

          I’m sure there was a comic where the word “spider” was hidden in the binary code in the background, but I can’t find it anymore… 🙁

          ..but here it’s as text and picture between the names in the sixth panel…


  12. ARegularFan says:

    what an elegant way to put the spider

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