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Supply Sans Demand

February 10, 2012

Hello, I’m back! Jes and I had an awesome holiday in Queenstown (highlight of it being sky diving!), which is why this comic is a couple days late. See you again on Monday (hopefully). I might write a new blog post soon too, haven’t done that in a while.

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  1. Basil says:

    That’s me when I was 18

  2. Gray Fox says:

    The “Please” was pretty sad tho…

  3. Thompson says:

    reminds me of grade 7

  4. Ruchikaaa says:

    ohhhhh,, i would have kissed him.. :*

  5. vomic says:

    patience dude………….. oh there she is

  6. Samara says:

    Aaaaaw this is so sad 🙁 I would kiss him right away 🙂

    1. Okay I am ready 😀 😛

      1. Joshua says:

        And cue the creepy foreign guy with the weird name…

        1. Anna says:

          AHAHAH! OMG, this made me almost fall off my chair…

  7. liese says:

    can we have a real life picture of you and jes?

  8. Csiperke says:

    Very cute face *-*
    I want to hug him… 😛

  9. Binky says:

    Maybe he’s the one who should be paying.

  10. Sarpadeon says:

    Who are you and how do you know me so well?

  11. Kristine Maximo says:

    i pity him lol no |:|

  12. ovrflo says:

    Sad face and withered rose are really touching. To think how he feels just make me sad 🙁

  13. The Benefactor says:

    This is, by far, my favourite web comic. I love the expressions of all your characters! This one was really funny (In a depressing way) and you need to make more!!!!!! 😀

  14. Kirill says:

    LOL 🙂

  15. Omega Lairon says:

    Nice, if a bit creepily accurate. Maybe a non-dead flower would help the situation? As usual, it’s the little details that really sell it for me… although I’m not sure if I prefer this “no-background” style to the usual. Still awesome though.

  16. slipgun says:

    Got here from reddit’s foreveralone. The fact that I had to scroll down made for a nice reveal. Now to look at your previous comics …

  17. Mitch says:

    “While stocks last”?

  18. LOL… i was hoping the last step was that he starts paying for the kisses

  19. :-( says:

    First webcomic ever to make me cry… Have to go back to Magic Trick to get cheered up by confetti.

  20. nikkoel says:

    gasp…………..im happily married but im also humane…………heck where is this booth ill kiss him

  21. c3p says:

    I don’t even know why I’m coming to read. Im always depressed afterwards 🙁

  22. Mike says:

    I love your comics. They are absolutely the best. You never go for the cheap and easy jokes. Everything you do has a real touch of humanity.

  23. Dorkus says:

    Duo personality? How can someone having so much fun, portray such sorrow? Other than that; it is much like my life. I has a sad now…

  24. Fahmi says:

    Awww….this’ll be me perhaps 🙁

    1. Zac says:

      I know right same

  25. Randy Butternubs says:

    Great!!!! Keep ’em Coming!!! 😀

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