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Sunny Side Up

May 6, 2013

Hello! Just a heads up that I will have a table (and a talk/QnA) at Chromacon this Sunday! You should come on by! Did I mention it’s free? No? It’s free.

Goodnight zzzzzzz

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  1. Luke Hernandez says:

    My friend has chickens who eat their own baby eggs, so this was fucking halirious

  2. Z0MBIE2 says:

    But… vegetarians don’t eat eggs, pesteterians do…

    1. Erica says:

      Pesteterians eat fish… Which is why they aren’t vegetarians.
      Ovo-lacto vegetarians (eg: the most common type) eat eggs & drink milk typically.

      1. Qcontinuum says:

        pescatarians* and Erica is correct.

  3. Skylar says:

    oh I guess it was funny

  4. Guillermo A says:

    Well….I think that is awkward

  5. drochmady says:

    haha meter 6 point

  6. Stacey says:


    An actual egg or yolk doesn’t contain a baby chicken. Just as in humans, the eggs must be fertilized with sperm in order to produce a chick. The yolk itself serves as a food source for the embryo as it develops, that’s why chickens eating their eggs is actually quite common. The eggs we eat are not fertilized and will not produce a chick.

    1. Gato says:

      But we are eating it’s period… so…

      1. logic says:

        It might be eggs from another bird
        and captive chickens are generally cannibals, so this ould be bad to them.

      2. Vegetarian says:

        Wait your right

  7. James A Liddy says:

    You wear a disquise to look like human guys but you’re not a man you’re a chicken boo.

  8. Ida says:

    He is a … Chicken canibal!!!!!! Duh duh duh!!!!!!!!!!!! *epic ending song* To be continued…

  9. Brothernature0 says:

    I eat my children! 0. 0

  10. FrozenEclipse says:

    Wait, that’s a rooster. They’re male .-.

    1. That dude says:

      There will two people the ones like me who are ok with people being gay and the ones eho aren’t pick your side theres no right or wrong side

  11. qlum says:

    Actually Chickens are not vegetarians in general, they eat worms and insects and such.

    1. That dude says:

      Thats why its funny

  12. OrphanDidgeridoo says:

    Why is there a chicken =in your bed? sexytimes?

  13. Omega Lairon says:

    Wait, I always though sunny-side up was supposed to mean upside-down… but then that’s apparently “over easy”… except when THAT refers to “folded over” and not “flipped over”… gah!

    Eggs: delicious but confusing.

    The comic is great though, nicely executed and looks brilliant as usual. The joke works, but it’s not likely to make the top 10… but that just speaks to the quality of previous work, since the bar has been set pretty darn high. Also, I like that the chicken there appears to be a rooster.

    1. tad says:

      The yellow yolk in the middle of the egg looks like a sun (thus, if you can see the yolk, it’s “sunny side up”).

  14. DressesAreStupid says:

    I actually lol’d at this.
    Now make one with bacon. Internet people love bacon.

  15. Ichi says:

    What do you mean, chicken is not vegan?

    1. danineteen says:

      Vegans won’t eat ANY animal by-products, which include milk, cheese, eggs, etc. Whereas vegetarians do.

      1. Shelby says:

        They were making a joke about chicken not being vegan…

  16. Xilonix says:

    Chickbalism 😛

    1. stupid dog says:

      yay 1 word made me laugh,now i need a t-shirt with it on and sunny side up eggs on the nipples

  17. 1,000,000 says:

    Biz, have you ever dealt with chickens? They will eat their own eggs, there, subtle punch line exposed. Jeeeeesus Christ, I feel so dense having read your comment. Great comic Gregor!

  18. biz says:

    this was.. really, really, terribly, horribly lame.
    I’m not saying this cause I wanna hate on you, but because I know you can do better. And you know it too….
    Cheers man.

  19. JetSetKuro\ says:


  20. Clawless says:

    Pure brilliance

    1. Mongoose says:

      This isn’t cannibalism because eggs or their yolks don’t contain any part of a developing chick. The insides of an egg are actually what the embryo would eat if the egg were to be fertilized. Eggs from the store aren’t fertilized.

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