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Bonus panels on Patreon!

Soaks to be You

April 16, 2020

Hello hello hello, if you haven’t watched any of the Twitch streams yet you are truly missing out on gold. I’ve also made new unlockable emotes and bit badges too (I’ll make a blog post on that later). Also featured a new intro video this week thanks to MarcMansfield (see clip below)!

Also welcome to our newest VIP member below: Robert! :loadHi:



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Show Comments (15)

  1. Basil says:

    Leave him alone!!

  2. Sergy says:

    Wow… I founded this site occasionally, and I am so happy. I wanted to start drawing comics for many years, but all the time I cannot find inspiration. Now I founded it.

  3. sloth says:

    dude you should try to talk to a girl next comic, we want you to be happy and have a gf, FOLLOW YOUR FUCKING DREAMS!!! (may have stolen line from “inspidered”)

  4. Hi says:

    2 spiders?! :loadLove: :loadJ: :loadSpider:

    1. Disney/Dragons says:

      Hi!!!! It’s you know who……..

    2. Anonymous says:

      one wasn’t an actual spider, it was a keychain.

  5. anes says:

    i am from algeria, i love your work greg

  6. datoneboi says:

    the blue guy has such a blank expression tho lol

  7. TheTreeBiter says:

    Ouuh yeah, this is definitely one of my favorits 😀

  8. theres two spiders :OOOOO

  9. Richie says:

    Maybe it’s disinfectant liquid.

  10. fja3omega says:

    He probably forgot to lock the door. Always lock your doors after going into the house. Someone might intrude into your home unexpectedly.

    1. Warlockff says:

      With a hose

      1. shadoERROR says:

        With the intent to harass you with the hose

  11. Well, all those books are ruined

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