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December 31, 2011

Even though this comic is posted on the 31st (or so I have made it say), it has already been the year 2012 for five or so hours here in New Zealand, so Happy New Year! No end of the world to be seen (yet).

I bought myself a smartphone during this holiday, and I have been going crazy with apps (I swing Android, by the way).

Well, it’s time for me to get off the computer (and check reddit in bed). Goodnight!

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  1. Samuel says:

    How do you change your photo?

  2. Samuel says:

    How do you change your photo??

    1. Samuel says:

      Wait what I posted the same comment twice?!?!? Oops

  3. Ongani The First says:

    Hey – Is it just me or did i just crack up laughing after realizing that the girl is soo pretty and looking all glamorous while the gents sweat like pigs? haaa no offence!



  4. Ragingcuppcakes says:

    It looks like that fiat commercial that has been out recently

  5. Izzy says:

    OK, haas anyone else noticed (besides me) that every girl EXCEPT for Jess has boobs……. WHY?!?!?!?!

    1. J. says:

      I actually did notice that, but thought i was just imagining it.

      1. Pagey says:

        Despite being the lovey-dovey couple that they are, I believe if G didn’t draw them “just right” Jes would bite his head clean off.

          1. Ryan says:

            That would make a great comic….

            1. Samuel says:

              Yeah lol

  6. bob says:

    saw this one on iFunny (:

  7. Phantom says:

    Just sayin, i didn’t look through the comments first, but in the last pannel, dosent the label of the guys drink have a lemon on it?

  8. Blue? says:

    somehow I feel that Gregor really likes deserts =D

  9. Aaron says:

    I like Jes seems fine.

  10. Calvin says:

    you swing android! nice *hi 5*

  11. David says:

    Haha awesome. For a second, I thought you used the band Oasis!!! That would’ve been a million times funnier ^-^ either way, great comic as always.

  12. Omega Lairon says:

    And that’s precisely why I make a point to check out ever mirage / hallucination / gut feeling where possible. Sure, that kind of thinking will get me slaughtered in a horror movie, but what else do I have to lose?

    Meanwhile, there’s more desert hilarity for our heroes. The background here (notably the oasis) looks ****ing brilliant. I hope we can look forward to this kind of quality throughout the year (but don’t push yourself too hard. Honestly, even the plain white comics are an excellent standard).

  13. PhillyPhoyo says:

    I hate to be ‘that guy’, but it’s “cheesesteaks” not “cheese steaks”. Happy New Year!

  14. Lina says:

    😀 Do you go on r/F7U12?

    1. Gregor says:

      I used to.

  15. Madi says:

    Girls don’t sweat or do anything else gross like fart, poop, or burp. That is probably why Jess looks better 🙂

    1. namesareforchumps says:

      ^Never been near a single woman ever

  16. Shaun Hammond says:

    Of course you swing Android. What did ya get? The only Android I’ve considered ever wanting is the Galaxy Nexus.

    1. Gregor says:

      Nexus S 🙂 The Galaxy Nexus looks good, but I didn’t want to spend the $1000.

      1. Phil says:

        did the same thing as you. Have you gotten the ICS update yet?

        1. Gregor says:

          Nah, I’m waiting until Google fixes the issues first.

  17. worldofwarcraftime says:

    Oh,and I forgot to tell you:
    Happy new year! I wish the best for you and Jes! 🙂 ,
    One of your spanish fans n.n

  18. soren121 says:

    Is Jess carrying a secret fan with her or something like that? It doesn’t look like she’s suffering like the other two are.

    (on an unrelated note: is your server in New Zealand? It’s at least 17 hours ahead of the US east coast…)

  19. CJ says:

    Congratulations on the very first pair of boobs in your comics!

  20. Gab says:

    Happy New Year from the Philippines. 😀 keep it coming!

  21. Tyler says:

    The “end of the world” isn’t supposed to happen till December 21, 2011.

    1. btcprox says:

      Nice try, but you’re just a year early on your prediction 😛

  22. worldofwarcraftime says:

    😀 Neew comic!! 😀
    When you gonna upload another? :3

    1. Gregor says:

      Next comic is planned for Monday 9th. Trying to get back to the Monday routine. 🙂

      1. Nabil says:

        Well, just do it faster! We love your comic and we can’t wait too long for next one!

  23. Alyssa says:

    Haha Love it Happy new year eve here in the US

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