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Snow Place Like Home

January 16, 2012

Here is the latest comic of the snow adventure series. Tune in next week – same Loading Artist time, same Loading Artist website! Goodnight.

EDIT: I’ve combined Part 1 with Part 2 to make one complete comic. This makes way more sense. I hope this doesn’t screw something up.

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  1. Fisiks says:

    They had us in the middle half . Not gonna lie

  2. Samuel says:

    It got me on the skeletons

  3. Bo says:

    why Jes playing phone, there is no signal (or maybe plays a game?)

  4. PixelatedCube64 says:

    *sees actual human skeletons*
    Hey, that’s cool.

  5. Stalker1111111111121 says:

    I love how the boys are sweating but jes is perfectly fine lol

  6. Ryan says:

    Where was Jess’s supposed skeleton?

  7. Awesomeness says:

    She has a phone call for HELP

  8. drexatthemax says:

    jes always never gives a fuck :3

  9. Mobile Game says:

    Stop trolling me!
    You make me scare

  10. Andrew says:

    XD! I was wondering where the girl went… and the bus stop sign.

  11. Sammie1053 says:

    ah wow, you freaked me out for a while there. I didn’t know you merged parts 1 and 2 and since the next comic doesn’t have you or Stoner Man (Idk what his name is) in it I thought you had killed yourself off :0
    Glad to see everyone got out ok. XD

  12. RJ says:

    should have taken the hats

  13. p2bs says:

    Hi I am your fan in syria
    That حافلة Sign made me lol

  14. btcprox says:

    Great, now you’ve made the comments posted before the merger look weird…

    and how DOES the bus get so far into the desert anyway?

    1. Deebz says:

      I’m guessing it drove? 😀

  15. Uwe says:

    Well, screwing up the RSS feed actually made me visit the website for the very first time; so indeed a great idea to do it this way every now and then 😉 (Maybe you joined forces with Wulffmorgenthaler?)

  16. Spazturtle says:

    Well you managed to screw the RSS up but that about all.

  17. theborg3of5 says:

    It did break the RSS link, but w/e, I figured it out anyways.

  18. Pim says:

    Great! I like this ending better than the previous one ;D

    1. Malted Custard French Toast says:

      I dont get this.

    2. Malted Custard French Toast says:

      I dont get this.

      1. Malted Custard French Toast says:

        Sorry i dont know why that happened…

    3. hi says:

      I dont get this….

  19. Jackiesoarous says:

    LOL I loved the continuation.

    I came back here and I’m like “Why am I reading this again? I know its not updated.” Then you surprise us. 😀

  20. nikkoel says:

    I liked it just as it was……..it was funny as heck to have me thinking they were just bones and the bus went by finally……..the fact it wasnt them was an added bonus……and im a super fan so i remembered the previous one! good stuff

  21. SteevoUK says:

    Lol. Good one gregor. youre right that makes a lot more sense. Keep it up!

  22. Bailey says:

    Is Jes always that happy through even the darkest situations?

  23. herpderp says:

    Jes is a cannibal…

  24. Omega Lairon says:

    Well… I sure didn’t see that one coming. Just goes to show that most of the time, you can’t count on the crazy last-minute rescue. They shall be missed.

    Eating those salty, salty chips probably didn’t help matters either.

    1. Omega Lairon says:

      Hooray! My nigh-obsessive daily checking of a weekly updating comic is finally justified. I had a feeling it would be a fake-out, but not being particularly creative, I kept thinking “it’s all a dream” (a particularly heinous cliche… perhaps the worst?). High fives all around.

  25. Jackiesoarous says:

    lol. Jess is the smart one, just kept walking.

  26. onefreeman says:

    where is the girl’s skeleton?

  27. Shawn S says:

    Oh God I love his face in the 4th panel. So optimistic and sweating so hard.

  28. steevoUK says:

    I do enjoy how Jes just kept walking. 2 weeks in the desert lol.

  29. streetkid says:

    greatly reminiscent of Auckland public transport.

  30. Injekt says:

    Dear lord…someone stole their backpacks!

  31. Annokou says:

    Looks like the comic’s over.. It’s been fun, people…

    1. McBurger says:

      Agreed. Too bad, I really loved this comic. I even made a donation.

      But I think he’s really grasping at straws here.

  32. Implosion says:

    so Jes just ate everyone?

  33. Oriana says:

    OMG Jes where are you going!!! Hahahahha

  34. Nabil says:

    OH GOD…. WHY?
    Gregor, who’s the name of the girl? She can hold that heat? What kind of sorcery is this???!!!

  35. Haim says:

    I guess you were to afraid to kill your girlfriend..

  36. Towel Bag (@TowelBag) says:

    I love the fixed sweaty grin on mr blue bag’s face once he’s decided a bus WILL come. Gregor captures amazingly subtle emotions, half the comedy is how perfectly he’s observed how people are.

  37. Tim says:

    Haha, that same ‘grin’ on that skeletons face! Jes strolled off… What is she up to? Or did she see something up ahead? :O

    1. btcprox says:

      Perhaps she went back to the oasis earlier… and I bet she’s hiding a mini fan or air-conditioner inside her dress

  38. Schranke says:

    Did you just kill them?
    I hope not

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