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June 12, 2012

Here’s another comic! I hope you like it. Now it’s time to go roll my dry blurry eyes into my pillow. Goodnight everybody.

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  1. ??? says:

    Well I guess that means no to global warming, I guess…?

  2. andy12 says:

    That is a Tough bad ass internet cable

  3. Younit13 says:

    Twelve billion views of video 😀

  4. Ao lop says:

    new ice age =)) internet cable is so long 😀

  5. storm says:

    The number of hits on that funny cat video on yotub is twice the population of earth, not to mention that only a small group of humans have internet access

    1. farfaramir says:

      Yep, but a lot of people see like a hundread times the same video

    2. Timeroot says:

      You can watch it more than once, though. Almost a billion views for “Baby” right now…

    3. Erebus says:

      It’s a parody of the fact that a ridiculous amount of people view that kind of video.

    4. Avaruusnuija says:

      Small group of humans have internet access? Dude, at the time you wrote that, 1/3 of WORLD population had internet access. That’s over 2 billion people.

  6. Jenn says:

    You’re a NZer? You make me proud to be one, if yes, we need more hilarious people like you..

  7. Dominoed23 says:

    Whens the new comic coming?!?!?!?!?

    1. Gregor says:

      It’s out already? Even before you posted your comment.

      1. Megan says:

        Woah, i didnt realize that new zealand was a day ahead…love your comics btw:)

  8. Eddard Stark says:

    Winter is coming…

    1. Jon says:

      this is a great joke.

    2. Brandon Stark says:

      I could tell you all about that. Since I’ve been as far North as North gets and all. You know, beyond the Wall. And since I am, after all, your son.

      1. Eddard Stark says:

        Family reunion!

        1. Jon Snow says:

          Can i come?

  9. Scott M says:

    Now that’s a strong ethernet cable…

  10. dominoed23 says:

    *Pretends to wait patiently for next comic*

  11. ICE AGE!
    I like cold!
    Maybe it’s ’cause I was born in a cold winter!
    *Suicides when realizes it’s a comic*

  12. Wannie Wirny says:

    i know the cat! It’s Maruuuuuuuu XD Awesome cat, definitely worth watching :))

  13. Max says:

    Gotta say, I love your stuff. Makes waiting a +week agony.

  14. Spaceguy5 says:

    My Aerospace Engineering senses want to know what just happened D=

  15. Calvin says:

    one question… do you write the words yourself, or do you use a specific font?

    1. Gregor says:

      I write all the dialogue by hand.

      1. Brothernature0 says:

        You have so much Better Hand writing than me.

  16. Dave says:

    Most frustrating when you find yourself clicking for more and realize your now up to date.
    Post more funnies please!

  17. Leshka says:

    Dammit, now I have ANOTHER web comic to read obsessively. Jeez!

    (Fantastic comic strip you have here!)

    1. Brothernature0 says:

      I read 7 (insert creepy smile here).

      1. . says:

        I read… Lets just say too many and leave it there.

    2. kathrin says:

      Leshka, what other comics do you read, cause I’ve finnsished all these and need mooooooorrrrrrrreeee! 😛

  18. Makenzie says:

    I love Maru.

  19. tardis girl says:

    an ice age sounds better than globle warming!

    1. Brothernature0 says:

      Are you sure? The endangered species would like to speak to you

      1. tardis girl says:

        it is a lot easier to adapt to extreme cold then extreme heat.

        1. Trogdor says:

          Actually, ice ages are worse, because the planet dries out during ice ages – all the water gets trapped in ice. Regions not covered by ice become deserts.

          Periods when the planet has been so warm that there were no polar ice caps have been characterized as being much wetter than what we’re used to. For example, coal and fossil fuels originate from such periods.

  20. link1299 says:

    I was expecting a “rocket man” reference but oh well, still great.

    Silly kitten…

  21. Tirana_beat says:

    that’s frikking genius :DDD

  22. Conroy says:

    Lol, scientist are baffled. the b!est

  23. Sunblast says:

    Tee hee! Kitty!

  24. Michael Kang says:

    Bloody hell… New ice age hhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  25. Ainee says:

    Lol. That’s… weird o.o I love that comic!

  26. Brothernature0 says:

    I always like it when I have to think for 3 seconds to get the punch line(not that I’m an imbecile or anything)

  27. Christoph Wagner says:

    I think this is one of my favorite comics of you ever:) Awesome:D

  28. danineteen says:

    *facepalm* Oh dear.

  29. Great stuff, you never disappoint!

  30. Omega Lairon says:

    I’d say how disappointed I am that watching videos of kittens is so prevalent, but that would be kind of hypocritical. Still, it could be worse… like the thousands of videos of babies doing nothing of particular value (but they’re soooo cute, apparently), or adults doing nothing of particular value (but they need attention guys! Srsly!)

    Loading Artist, where even the infinite void of outer space looks pretty. Now that’s talent.

  31. Sammie1053 says:

    I do believe they actually have internet on the International Space Station. Fun Fact.
    Also how did he open the window on the rocket 0_o

    1. Andrew says:

      He wound it down with the handle. Amazing that they can’t even afford electric windows on a space shuttle.

    2. VelcrowElbows says:

      But they weren’t on the International Space Station. They were probably on their way there though~

  32. Jjiminian says:

    the power of kittens on the internet

  33. JnD says:

    That is one strong network cable! =O

    1. Mike says:

      It probably has twisted pair!!11! 😉

  34. Theo Gregory says:

    So incredibly awesome 😀 You are a living legend, Gregor!

  35. Solum says:

    My god, the last panel xDDDD

  36. -C says:

    D’awwww :3 …. lol I love it…

  37. Pat says:

    This made me chuckle

  38. Woooooooooooooooooooo amazing like every time

  39. Snaduko says:

    Jaja new ice age

    1. ethosk8 says:

      jaja or haha?

      1. mickey says:

        ja ja means yes yes in German…

        1. Conor says:

          Or in Spanish-speaking countries it’s used as a “haha” replacement because j’s sound like h’s and they don’t really use the letter h much anyway.

          1. CAV says:

            We do use H, the thing is that the H is not pronounced at all. Its a silent consonant… I know, I know… its pretty pointless, but it’s there…
            So thats why we use J in Spanish, cuz it sounds just like an English H.

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