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September 27, 2011

I am definitely planning on getting back on track with the regular Monday comic releases as soon as possible. That ‘Bathroom Bathroom’ comic delay kind of screwed my schedule up, but it is now sorted after this ‘Seashells’ comic is posted. Once I regain my confidence, I will add an “Updated Every Monday” graphic somewhere on the site so people know what’s what. Goodnight everyone.

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  1. ArfMaster says:

    O_O never going to the beach again

  2. FuzzyWafflez says:

    So…we were drawing husks of dead creatures in art class?
    o _ o

  3. Bastien says:

    It was cool to do this comic at the end of summer, otherwie nobody would have gone to the sea for summer xd

  4. Awwwwwsome guy says:

    The cool

  5. Tony McGurk says:

    Poor little dead critters.



  7. fan says:

    It doesnt matter if the bathroom, bathroom delayed it because IT WAS AAAAWESome 😀 i will remember it every time i go out drinkin

  8. MadCientist says:

    hahahahaha prettu good i will remember this comic every time i went to the sea

  9. PeculiarLock says:

    Haha! Awesome 8} Collect shells is like collecting sea snail carcasses. +Thumbs up+

  10. Adam says:

    She sells seashells by the sea shore

  11. kelvin says:

    I will try not to think of it.

  12. bickdutt says:

    Great. You ruined the beach for me.
    What’s next LA? Ice cream?

    Ruin that and I’ll take the site down haha.

    1. PeculiarLock says:

      Here, ice cream special. @[email protected] You’ll love it.


  13. ghosttie says:

    How can you not know what a seashell is

      1. NotSoCuddly says:

        Because… Everyone learns things at different times. I, for instance, just learned this today. Like 5mins ago.

  14. Gkmck says:

    This will haunt me every time I go to the beach…

  15. cmcl says:

    The beach is just one big, damp ossuary. (Real word; look it up.)

  16. Letuxss says:

    Damn It felt so nice

  17. btcprox says:

    …and that means collecting all these seashells will be like grave robbery? Disturbing the dead?

    1. NemesisKismet says:

      Pretty much. And then the mollusk zombies will crawl after you and eat you. Very, very slowly.

      1. btcprox says:

        Sounds like the premise for a new horror/comedy movie… :O

        1. rasavenger says:

          It’s called bodysnatching! 😉

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