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February 12, 2016

.. and just in time for Valentine’s day, too! Thanks again to all those who joined the stream! Special thanks to CorTatG for coming up with the title! Saves me a couple hours. Also, special welcome to Spencer, our new Super Supporter!



Tony Ramelli
Gavin Bigall
Steven Noonan
  • Matthew Inman
  • Gustav Seymore
  • Keegan Gibson
  • Joachim S. Bech
  • Henry Vindin
  • pemko
  • Dennis Schubert
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Show Comments (22)

  1. Melody S0ul says:

    I like her SPIDER bag.

  2. Feelsawfulman says:

    That feeling when… I’ll always be a 1/10, to every grill 🙁

  3. ramennoodles says:

    You should get a 9gag share button, everyone always posts your awesome comics onto 9gag anyway!

  4. hey gregor where is the other guy you introducted (i call it grey) from the comic bored at sea
    also keep the good work

  5. Adele says:

    Hello, from the other side!

  6. JHSpencer says:

    eh, 2 is good. Who want’s to be number 1 anyway?

  7. r3zn1k says:

    I rate this comic 5/7

    1. Ranga says:

      A strait 5/7

  8. Omega Lairon says:

    I really hate that the whole rating out of 10 is a thing people actually do… it’s like, the peak of shallowness. Never mind that someone who might not be, y’know, flawlessly hot might just be a wonderful, funny, interesting, caring person. Nah, s’all about looks. Have fun with your 9’s and 10’s… I hope they treat you like s***.

    *ahem* Good comic today >_>

    1. Weiler says:

      You must be like a 4, tops, eh?

      1. Hello says:

        No, just educated.

    2. SLURP says:

      it’s not like it’s a form of a joke or something…

  9. elenzo says:

    It’s 0.2

  10. tom says:

    so wanted to see his reaction after the number!

  11. Salgexicon says:

    Let’s be real, she should have reduced her fraction to 1/5… would that have hurt more? Probably, but its 2016 😉

  12. Foxite says:

    Poor blue. Can relate.

  13. minipops says:

    Reminds me of legendary PITCHFORK Media.

  14. ThaAppleMan says:

    Sike! That´s the wrong number!

    1. Anon says:


      90’s communication was pretty much all verbal

  15. Nasyarobby NP says:

    So her score is 2/10… Poor girl with low self esteem…

  16. Zombie says:

    To accurate man…. to accurate ;(

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