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Ring Ring

March 8, 2011

A new comic?? COULD IT BE? Yes. I apologize for the long waits between comics, but I’m still adjusting to this new lifestyle of having a full time job. I still want to (and plan to) continue this web comic, so do not worry, I still try to think of new ideas every day. Also, I have removed the calendar (for now), as it was depressing me to see barren months.

Also I’ll take this opportunity to remind you all that you should follow me on Twitter, as I post when I have a new comic up, meaning you will not have to keep refreshing this page over and over again for an update.

Until next time!

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  1. Jayla says:

    LOL. The “yes” was the best part! Suppose ’tis the only way…

    1. Goofy Guy says:

      MY FAVORITE part is when he goes hello hello

  2. Mat says:

    As an artist in the games industry this made me a cry a little bit on the inside 🙁

  3. Jennifer says:

    Is it just me, or did you draw -on the first panel- the Doctor, from Doctor Who?

    1. DarkoMarko says:


  4. ipodcharley says:


  5. me says:

    Hello there. I assume you have some kind of notifications about new comments (yes, actually I know you do). This one EXACTLY visualises my feelings when I went from OMG!somuchmoneyinastartup! to zomg where did September go? Still in the job though :/. Anyway, your (reader, not only the blog owner) life is worth so much more than money.

    Go out, run, climb, fight, get drunk. You just need to have a place and some food. eh

    anyway, I’m going through your strips and they’re brilliant. Nice way of making it popular too 🙂

  6. Mohammad Hussain says:

    Wow this thrashing effect is awesome….You are talented my friend

  7. Imou says:

    This comic made me feel incredibly sad…. :c

  8. u draw what I think…..n NICE!

  9. Theon144 says:

    Hey, you’ve already used that effect with Featherless!

  10. Keegan says:

    Ahahahaha. Love It!

  11. Norbert the Sneaky says:

    Yay new comic! Hehe you have found out the horrible reality of full time jobs..:)
    hey do you have a facebook thing so that i can see updated notices there? I dont have twitter.. .. i feel old hah

    1. Gregor says:

      🙂 I have a Facebook page in the works, but I don’t plan on opening it until I reach at least 30 comics. (this is comic #19)

      1. DarkoMarko says:

        damn im looking at this in 2018… you’ve really inproved GG gregor 😀

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