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Ready To Haunt

October 16, 2015

Well this comic TOOK AGES. This has definitely been my longest stream. Thanks to all those who joined and gave suggestions/ideas! Team effort, guyz! Here is the archived version (all 8.5 hours of it), and I’ll also upload it to YouTube later (like I did with the last comic). Cheers and goodnight!



Tony Ramelli
Keelan Barrette
Kenneth T
Jason Yu
Bob Koutsky
Justin Johnson
Gavin Bigall
Foxtrot Fallout
Steven Noonan
  • Matthew Inman
  • Keegan Gibson
  • Gustav Seymore
  • Joachim S.B
  • Deanna Peluso
  • Matt Thompson
  • Henry Vindin
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Show Comments (25)

  1. Gibblicker says:


  2. still trying to figure out Load Emotes says:


  3. anooomynous says:

    that would definitely be me if i ever die

  4. Bo says:

    Anyone notic the ghost is always on the wall

  5. CrimsonNoob08 says:

    So…what did the ghosts do to him? gets his heart or something?

  6. long says:

    you should make a series, because i don’t think that this is gonna lasted long. find out how you end a series then work your way to it

    1. Thunder says:

      I bet you feel dumb right now.

  7. Simon says:

    Be a ghost

  8. Skribbo says:

    omg that was so hilarious XD

  9. Zombie says:

    I expected him to watch ghostbusters, en then the ghosts would get scared.

    1. Zombie says:

      woops, double post. my page didn;t refresh correctly (cache version or something) so i thought my post had failed

  10. Jakoe says:

    What ever happened to Ghost Boy from a couple of months ago? He was so lonely. Did he join these guys?

  11. Nicholas Steel says:

    Other than needing to work on perspective, good job and pretty funny.

  12. Zombie says:

    I figured he was going to watch ghostbusters and that the ghosts would get scared

  13. Indiana says:

    Stayed up till 4am to watch this get made. Worth it. Your comics are always so amazing.

  14. IDredMan says:

    I’m judging that lawnmower so hard right now, you don’t even know.

  15. Omega Lairon says:

    Feels good to finally catch a stream live for once… the morning after “hangover”, not so much. Ah well, I regret nothing.

    The final product turned out real good – and now I have a much deeper appreciation for all the small details like all the “writing” on the recipe book which you can barely see when not zoomed in.

  16. Aznetick says:

    Was great fun to watch the stream!

  17. :) says:

    So true!! love the icons of the dream supporters! I would love to support but I’m broke :T

  18. GE says:

    That’s why I don’t like to watch horror movies. So the ghosts behind me never get their chance to scare me off.

  19. halloween says:

    Love it!, great comic, Had fun reading! 🙂
    Thank you for making halloween theme comic 🙂
    Please Make more about halloween theme.
    You’re the Greatest comic maker!

  20. VideoGameRPeopleSometime says:

    the arms on that ghost look a little weird not gonna lie

    1. Gregor says:

      GET OUT

      1. somebody says:

        Heavy diss!!!

        1. still trying to figure out Load Emotes says:


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