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  1. Aiden Baker says:

    I know C++. You should learn it.

    1. EpicJoeR says:

      std::cout << "Agreed"

    2. Doctor Disastrous says:

      I’m currently learning C#. Does that count?

  2. PC says:

    There is an actual “D” language, just read the first page of the forum until they realise something….
    http://forum.dlang.org/thread/[email protected]

    1. Alex says:

      Yea that’s what I thought. I thought he is saying “I know D, it is better than C++” and they didn’t like it.

  3. Andrew says:

    Technically if return alphabet[c] where c = 2 and alphabet[0-25] is an array of the alphabet, c++ will pull alphabet[3] which returns D.

    That employer missed out.

  4. Omar Negm says:

    C++ is one of the object oriented programming languages.

    1. Josh says:

      He knows that. It’s a joke.

      1. yourfriend says:

        your pro pic is a more recent comic

    2. Nagurny says:

      in c++, ++ on a variable means to increase its value by 1, if you actually had a C as a char, and increased it by one and printed it – you would have D.

      1. AnnoyingGeek says:

        That would be ++C as C++ return C and then increase the value to D 😉 technicality**

  5. basani says:

    wow, i like the agruments!

  6. mk says:

    I didn’t get it either, seeing as D is also another popular language.

  7. Ruchikaaa says:

    hahahaa,, awesome… After all C++ is a Programming Language.. Hehehe..

  8. SureS42 says:

    I don’t get it. What is c++

  9. kINGMISFIt says:

    I love this one! Too funny!

  10. CarnageContestant says:

    function loadingartist_comments(id,txt,fun)
    if txt~=0 then
    if (fun>=42) then
    elseif txt==0 then
    return 1

    1. Smarty Pants Catcher says:

      Doesn’t look like c++ to me.

      1. mk says:

        That’s because it isn’t. It’s Lua.

        1. Elijah2200 says:

          Huh. I thought it was JS. Got to learn more about the different languages…

          1. Elijah2200 says:

            Oh yeah. There aren’t ‘then’s and ‘end’s in JS.

  11. cheetobreath says:

    this made my day

  12. hahaha says:

    HE might be right. lol Why? what’s next after C? D!

    ++ is an increment. lol

  13. Zona says:

    so cute that your dady posts ^^^ lol

  14. Laslow says:

    Technically, C++ == D (in hex, anyway), so he should have got the job anyway.

    1. megablue says:

      Technically, C++ is still C before the next access.

      1. Bleh! says:

        You’re my hero !

    2. Omar Negm says:

      In this case. Mr. Bossman should leave his position. 🙂

  15. shw says:

    You do know there’s actually a programming language called D, right? 🙂

    1. Gbps says:

      D is like the awkward child who will never live up to the perfection that is C# 😀

      1. Gilad Naaman says:

        I can’t agree more 🙂

      2. Steve says:

        C#, perfection? Whose glue have you been sniffing!?

        1. jim says:

          That comment was as funny as this specific strip!!

          Great work here from Day #1 !!!

  16. Talon says:

    This took me a minute but when I got it I laughed like a maniac. Good work!

  17. dad says:

    Mr. Bossman – I love it!

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