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Show Comments (23)

  1. Bo says:

    Happy birthday to F***!

  2. orenge says:

    happy birthday to m- FUCK!!!!!

  3. KaVu says:

    Spider on the leaf

  4. So it expired in both ways!

  5. TotallyAcceptable says:

    Alrighty then.

  6. Robert says:

    In many jurisdictions, gift cards/certificates do not expire, no matter what they might say on them. California, for example.

  7. Anon says:


  8. Blueice999 says:

    If you check the card it says expired behind the cake

  9. Yuh says:

    admit it, you sang the first part.

  10. Jozaru says:

    Well, today, 27/11 it’s my birthday, so, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me…, im so lonely ;-;

    1. JHSpencer says:

      Happy birthday, JOZARU…happy birthday.

  11. Omega Lairon says:

    I think we’ve all been there. Gift cards seem like such an anti-gift though… similar to money, but way less useful. Plus, instead of just getting something cool, you now have to go out of your way to cash it in and all…

    Great comic though. The lighting in the first panel turned out really well after all ^_^

    1. the same somebody says:

      Thanks to you, we have a philosopher here on Loading Artist site.

  12. the same somebody says:

    That face. It looks so great. Otherwise, it’s a great purpose why Loading Artist is not for kids.

  13. Julius says:

    Haha 😀 I’ll probably gonna expire tomorrow too.

  14. ROBOTunderscore says:


  15. David says:

    Noice. I don’t understand it though.

    1. ROBOTunderscore says:

      The gift card expired

    2. Maithiu says:

      “expire” also means “exhale” the card was about to blow out the candle and also it was expired (as in out of date)

      1. trill says:

        i think you may be thinking of “respire” as a synonym for exhale (though respiring includes inhaling, too!)

        you’re on the right path, though.

        the joke is:
        aw, giftcard is having it’s first birthday! it’s one year old today! it’s so cute and happy … buuuut also useless, as its expiration date is (presumably) one year after it was issued.

        hence the “FUCK!”, and subsequent shredding of said gift card. poor lil guy. he was too young!

        1. trill says:

          …where’s the edit or delete button when ya need one >_<

          maithiu was correct: 'expire' means "to exhale". as you may have guessed, the opposite of 'expire' (exhale) is 'inspire' (inhale).

          fun with words! \(^-^)/

    3. Zombie says:

      The giftcard turned one.
      Giftcards are usually only valid for 1 year.

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