Post Haste
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Post Haste

I got good news and I got bad news.

First the good news: thanks to Rarin’s incredibly generous (and completely irresponsible) sub gifting spree in today’s stream we got TWO new emote slots to play with! Special thanks also to Saroman and Supertux88 for their gift subs as well! An emote drawing stream will be happening at some point. :loadLove:

Now onto the bad news: By the end of today’s stream I could feel myself getting SICK. I think it’s the cold weather here in NZ. I’m really craving to go to bed so that I can hopefully bounce back from this asap (since I got a lot of work to do this week), which means unfortunately I’m not able to finish the bonus panel for today’s comic in time! But I will post it as soon as I can! :loadCry:

I am aware of the irony of delaying the bonus panel to a comic called Post Haste.

Now to end on some more good news: We’ve got two new VIPs joining us today! First is Darren Almgren (featuring his Bug Waldo character), and second is Stefan Winters (who’s been an amazing mod and pillar of this community over the years!). :loadLove: More VIPs coming soon!

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