Plucked Up: Plan Bee
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Plucked Up: Plan Bee

:loadGive: I drew a 21 page Plucked Up story while I was away in Japan!

8. Plan Bee (Part 1))

8. Plan Bee (Part 2))

8. Plan Bee (Part 3))

8. Plan Bee (Part 4))

8. Plan Bee (Part 5))

8. Plan Bee (Part 6))

:twitch: Twitch subscribers and :kofi: Ko-fi members can read this story on Discord instead! :discord:

:loadSpider: p.s. with these Plucked Up comics, I hide a spider on every page (in other words there are 3 spiders in today’s post). Good luck! :loadSpider:

Oh also, I’m going to be starting a new story on Patreon later this weekend :loadBrows: Working on the first 5 pages right now. Then a new Loading Artist comic next week!

  • Henry Vindin
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