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Bonus panels on Patreon!

Picture Perfect

August 8, 2014

In case you don’t already know, you can click & hold the Super Supporters below to see a special animation! (They aren’t visible on mobile (to save your bandwidth)).

Also, I posted a blog post earlier this week! Check it out!



Tony Ramelli
Liam Curson
Guillaume Perrin
Greg Cleveland
Alex PB
Niklas Krig
  • Matthew Inman
  • Kim Jørgensen
  • Bob Koutsky
  • Christoph Wagner
  • Patrick Amundsen
  • Gustav Seymore
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Show Comments (23)

  1. Victor Frankenstein says:

    Oh, while they were choosing a filter, the baby ran of and they used that picture.

  2. Coach says:

    In this world, looking good seems to be more important then ability.

  3. boudz says:

    Hahaahah nice one i like it

    1. Coach says:

      There could have been a earlier picture.

  4. Kaz Wolfe says:

    I like this new site, but there are too many GIFS. It’s a but TOO flashy.

  5. Spas says:

    The moment when they took a picture of the kid’s back and it showed its face 😀

  6. Eor says:

    Do you have a kid, or is this just another penny in the wishing well?

  7. Nigel says:

    I was expecting the baby to be fully grown at the end. But, no! You surprised me! Good work.

  8. MintCookie says:

    Haha, fantastic!

    The site looks amazing by the way–love the animations

  9. danineteen says:

    Matthew Inman of Oatmeal fame?

  10. Dragon says:

    Oh, that little baby is TOO CUTE!

  11. Omega Lairon says:

    All the more reason why you need to keep your little humans microchipped, or keep ’em on a leash until they acquire sentience.

    Great comic, and so true.

  12. Zombie says:

    Another one!!!
    and so quick
    And so nail on the head!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love your comics!

  13. IncadesentCat says:

    Love your comics, but…What are you going to do when you wind up with 60+ dream supporters? How many cool animations can you fit onto one site?

    1. Gregor says:

      Live out my fantasies as Uncle Scrooge and buy a giant vault.

      Real talk though: we’ll cross that bridge if/when we come to it! But for now the more the better!

  14. blah says:

    Matthew Inman? As in THE Matthew Inman?

    Anyway, awesome comic again! <3 :))

    1. Gregor says:

      The one and only!

  15. *Imagine a witty comment here*

    1. Neospector says:

      *Imagine witty response building off of witty comment*

      1. JTay says:

        Haha, thanks dude!

  16. Dr. Dastardly says:

    Your webcomic has inspired me to start my own webcomic. I’m also really impressed by how much your artwork has improved over the years. I wish I knew how to draw like that.

    Keep it up!

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