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  1. ArfMaster says:


  2. gaby says:

    i know someone named rain

  3. Boom! says:

    Im not much of an artist but i have always wondered: how to you refresh you imagination and get new ideas? I really have a competition ahead and just cant think of anything.

    1. Gregor says:

      I’m still trying to figure that one out myself.

    2. Duckster says:

      Your own experiences are pretty good. It’s how I come up with my jokes

  4. Little One says:

    These comics are awesome!!! 😀

  5. Mary says:

    And this is the 1st comic I read from here <3 I loved it xD

  6. Reader says:

    and he set fire to the raiiin

  7. parnian says:

    COOOOOL I just loved it

  8. Mystique Cheque says:

    Saw on FB, cannot cease to laugh

    ~So, I am French/Latino?~

  9. lawanen says:

    THIS post from 9gag brought me here :)) i was looking forward on finally reading it 🙂

    1. Curtis says:

      Haha. This comic on Tumblr brought me here xD

  10. RandomDude says:

    ohh you hurt the poor rains feelings

  11. Raine says:

    I lol’d for different reasons… 🙂

    1. Miracle says:

      We difenitely need more smart people like you around.

      1. Bert the Hurt says:

        We DEFINITELY do. Maybe they’ll be amiable enough to donate their time to teaching you how to spell. Afterwards, you would be able to make disparaging remarks with ease.

  12. Simon says:

    Do you watch adventure time?

    1. Gregor says:

      Yup, one of my favourite shows.

  13. Maybe you could blame it on the rain?

  14. Jarmen says:

    poor rain hahahahaha

  15. Otter says:

    Man, that cracked me up 😀

  16. Goldstein says:

    Poor rain… haha. nice one

  17. Daniel15 says:

    This one is awesome. I cracked up laughing. Probably because I saw it around 1 AM and everything’s funnier when you’re tired. 😛

  18. CommanderJesus says:

    I went “Awwww” out loud when I saw sad Rain. :c

  19. Gules says:

    instead of laughing at ur comics.. this actually made me went ..::it awwwww poor rain~~ it makes me wanna hug the cloud… xD

    keep it up! loving ur work..am a proud fan of urs in FB~ 🙂

  20. SteevoUK says:

    wow another true out loud laughter moment. poor rain lol

    1. I love you.

      ( Vendetta FTW )

  21. I'mInTheTardisYouCan'tFindMe says:


  22. I'mInTheTardisYouCan'tFindMe says:

    Fuck you, you have no clue what that rain cloud has been through.

  23. Kevin says:

    +1 new fan

  24. matfac says:

    Congratulations! you just won a new suscriber!

  25. Leo says:

    Haha I love this one 😀

  26. More says:

    I love this!! 🙂 Your awesome!

  27. Ezekiel says:

    Real nice work you’ve done! More views for you!

  28. Sir says:

    Keep up the good work. I learned about this place through Funnyjunk, and your comics are loved by the community.

  29. Angelo says:

    I love this webcomic so much I am on a crusade to show it to EVERYONE. I want you to quit your job and just make more. Needless to say this one was awesome as always.

  30. Luke says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaw, I love the rain….

  31. 8ÖH says:

    That is racialists towards the rains of the worlds.

  32. lfx says:

    Love this one 😀

  33. ringostar says:

    Big smile :))

  34. Lil says:

    This is the first time I leave a comment here.
    Your comics always make me smile…

    Also; D’awww… poor rainy cloud :<

  35. desertrat says:

    LOL! Holy sweet mother of jesus youre the best webcomic artist ever.

  36. sleepygamer says:

    He looks so sad!


  37. zym says:

    loving it!

  38. cmcl says:

    Poor rain, forever alone.

    1. Lil'REDpunk says:

      Ah, ah, ah. A pessimist is alone, but an OPTIMIST is only 2 people away from a threesome!

  39. Marc says:

    Your comics never fail to make me smile 😀

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