Pet Rock

Pet Rock

EDIT: Damn it, I didn’t realise how similar this is to a Cyanide & Happiness comic. It’s purely coincidential and was not my intention at all. I shall be googling my ideas before drawing them to avoid this in future.

I had to get this comic out of my system. I was staring at Photoshop with no ideas of what to do tonight, so I ended up doodling, and out came these top and bottom panels. I tried to think of other ideas but my mind wouldn’t let go of this idea, so it had to be done.

I’m having a bit of a phase with blood at the moment, it’s fun to paint, plus the red looks nice on white. Plus it’s Halloween month. Also, while I’m not a sports kinda guy, this weekend I ended up watching a whole rugby match (the world cup is being hosted in my city after all), and a lot of the players ended up bleeding (I don’t understand how those guys don’t die more often, very brutal stuff). So yup, blood.

Also, Loading Artist is nearing 5000 likes on Facebook! How exciting!

Goodnight everyone.

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