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January 28, 2014

I hope everyone’s having a 2014!

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  1. Coach says:

    Still you have an option. Chill on your PC or go swimming. I love to swim, my second favorite cardiovascular exercise.

  2. Misja says:

    Love it, so relateable… 🙂 I could probably use almost anyone of them as motivational posters through challenging “episodes”. Since the characters – especially when having difficulties, though always endearing in one way or another – tend to evoke not only laughter and recognition but tenderness and understanding, they could potentially encourage me to refrain from being overly harsh and impatient with myself… Thanks anyway!

    1. Misja says:

      “them” = your comics (that seemed only half-obvious, hence this attempt at clarification…)

  3. strawdog says:

    why have people fixated on the power source? there’s no actual indication that the computer is active other than the light source ,and thats probably from the sun.
    ps you really don’t want to know how many times i come back here checking for updates (its always worth it)

  4. Senor Comedor de Bibliotecas says:

    I like how the splash says “splash”. Very clever.

  5. Murk says:

    Holy shit, was a little worried there on the third panel! hahaha

  6. Now the interesting thing is where he gets the electricity from – if the computer is in fact working…
    Underwater fuelled batteries?
    Interesting to see what the future will bring!

  7. Raleigh says:


  8. bloop says:

    awesome comic i can relate

  9. zargnath says:

    Yup, I’m totally having a 2014! Nice comic as always(maybe a bit far-fetched, but I’m also a lazy thiker/analyzer :P)

  10. Joshua says:

    On the internet, no one knows you are … on a few pieces of wood in the ocean.

  11. Inny says:

    This is a deep one. Feel the same way… I don’t know if he’s just talking about procastinating on the internet or actually he means something else, about following the routine as a way to avoing sinking.

    …having a bad month, I don’t know if I over-analyzed xD
    Anyway, awesome work! Keep it up!

    1. Raleigh says:

      Idk but you didn’t.

  12. Omega Lairon says:

    How’s he even powering that thing? Solar power? Maybe a reeeeeeally long undersea cable? Come to think of it, it’s a miracle that the computer’s stayed dry and functional so far. Or is it? Maybe he’s just gone totally insane. No, no… nothing about this situation adds up at all.

    I love it.

    1. Brothernature0 says:

      He just hooked it up to some electric eels

  13. ATLief says:

    Hilarious comic! Love you Gregor. :3

  14. Brousinky says:

    Nice one, the dirty minded people always amaze me

  15. Flury says:

    Wohoo a new great comic by Gregor! 😀 been waiting ages for this one 🙂 and great as always keep up the good work!

  16. Tylr says:

    I almost stopped reading when I saw the cum all over the wall.

  17. Hanatashi says:

    I really thought that he is cumming, not swimming lol.

  18. Mike says:

    I really like this one. Tells an interesting story about people being afraid to jump out of their comfort zone and into the deep end. I kinda want to get this printed and put on my wall to remind me to get the hell off of the computer.

  19. Rohitanshu says:

    I love how you used “khuh khuh” instead of “cough cough”.. 😉

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