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Bonus panels on Patreon!
Bonus panels on Patreon!

Open For Business

March 29, 2014

Launched on Patreon!
I’ve done it, I’ve finally LAUNCHED ON PATREON!

Feel free to check it out, I’ve even made a video! For those who aren’t aware of what Patreon is, I explain it better in the video, but tl;dw: If you gimme money per comic, you get extra bonus stuff/rewards per comic (sort of like kickstarter but on a much smaller scale).

Only good things can come of this! For both you and me. You can choose to ignore it and everything stays the same for you (free comics etc), so no worries.

But check it out.

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  1. Someone says:

    all I can say is mega oof

  2. ThisGuyAsThisGuy says:

    im going to maek mah own hewmet liek dosh

  3. Guy says:

    What the hell is this one about?

  4. Coach says:

    Even if you can’t create legendary gear, its worth creating in this world. Perhaps your gear will be legendary to a select few.

  5. Kannah says:

    I like the way you draw and how you think! And of course, your comics, they’re all really great and funny! Make more like these!

  6. Chuck says:

    Is anyone reminded of Fate?

    1. lakovkreativity says:


  7. Pootis McScootieBooties says:

    Where’s Jes?

    1. ThatRandomNewt says:


      1. TON says:

        yeah what happen to Jes honest question

        1. LastGondolin says:

          She and Gregor Broke up.

    2. BakedCookie says:

      Srsly man, have some restraint

      1. Playergetplayed says:

        I agree with you. You guys got to give him room.

  8. Marty User 133 says:

    Actually you are selling out. Boy, are you ever.

    1. SeaJay says:

      I fucking HATE people who think others are selling out just cos they’re selling others their cartoons/drawings. You don’t know what selling out means so your opinion is irrelevant. Selling out means when someone changes their beliefs/personality to sell some piece of shit for money not when someone needs to sell their work to make a living especially when that person is continuing to post comics for free as usual. You can choose to buy some extra stuff to support the artist you like- no-one’s forcing you.

      1. Marty User 133 says:

        I, on the other hand, HATE self-righteous pricks who make statements like “your opinion is irrelevant”. Or insulting pricks who say “you don’t know what X means”. Or unoriginal pricks who say ” no-one’s forcing you to do X”.

        None of this impressively prick-like behaviour changes the fact that the artist for this webcomic, who posts new comics about once a goddamn millennium, has now decided to blackmail visitors into paying him money in exchange for less advertising content or a bunch of “features” that nobody particularly wants or needs.

        In short, he wants to get paid for something he was offering for free before. That is called selling out. If it had value, perhaps he should’ve charged for it in the first place. If he wants to make money, then perhaps he should consider a new product worth paying for, or perhaps a different line of work.

        Of course, all of this is my opinion, which I am entirely entitled to, and all despite the fact that you, “SeaJay”, are an absolute prick.

        1. Endrogg says:

          I think Gregor says it best when he says, “Or you can choose to ignore it.”

          You both are arrogant pricks.

          1. Marty User 133 says:

            Works for me.

            1. A Guy says:

              WHAT IS HAPPENING?

        2. Stalker1111111111121 says:

          Jesus if you hate the fact that Greg is selling out, then don’t read his comics, okay?

    2. Niebule says:

      Ok… To me, sellout is someone who is forced to change his production/product to the likings of the publishers. The statement that one has to keep giving out free stuff because he’s done so from the start is one of the most odd things I’ve heard. It’s a great way to show the world you exist and to be able to later on make money from what you do. To become an artist one must train, not just for the drawing part but also for the story telling part. So crying about the slow rate of free publishings is a waste because the guy is obviously still struggling with getting a hang of it. Also if you start making money for what you do it acts like an insentive towards going at the work whole heartedly. Imagine having an idea, a dream, but you are not sure it will work. So you try it out for some time and people tells you that you are good but you are still not making a living out of it… would you not doubt? Would you not keep your dayjob or options open just in case your idea/dream wont work?

      Love your work Loading Artist and I hope you will be able to jump in to this whole heartedly one day! Cheers!

    3. Coach says:

      I honestly don’t think anyone can say shit about people selling out until we all have a basic income and we no longer have starving artists.

      How do you sell yourself out for a living? Or do you live with your parents rent free?

    4. Arx11 says:

      Looking at this 3 years later, I’m laughing my ass off

      1. Qbertjack says:

        5 years later, even better.

        1. AAAAA says:

          6 years is even funnier.

          1. Scottsummers69 says:

            2020 sucked, but at least we have this to look back on and laugh.

            1. 1Rhino2laugh says:

              7 years later is even better

  9. Joe says:

    Please make the “You found: Epic Helm Of Mana” panel a design for your T-Shirts etc, its awesome!

  10. Psychotic Ninja says:

    Those are some giant looking mice.

  11. Alex says:

    Love your work mate! Keep it up! Good to see patreon is getting a good response already!

  12. Omega Lairon says:

    You could also make the argument that, as a melee oriented class, that guy would have little use for mana boosting in general. Unless he’s running a paladin/tank and could use the little extra for one more cast of whatever the equivalent defence buff spell is.

  13. Anon says:

    Does this mean you’re going to start doing more than one comic a month?

  14. Miluk says:

    Wow, your comics are The Best!!! They’re arleady 3 years old! Good work!

  15. Awesome! says:

    This is a cool thing, Patreon! Do the rewards stack? Like if we do $2 per comic, do we get the sketches and hi-res downloads?

    I’d love to donate this way!

    1. Gregor says:

      Yup, they stack!

  16. Dennis says:

    So awesome to finally being able to put a face on the creator! I will definitely, when the money’s there, become one hell of a patron. Keep it up, Gregor! Much applause.

  17. evilReiko says:

    that was drastically super funny 😀 laughed so much =D

  18. Dariox says:

    Mmmmm.. Get a Master on Enchanting ? …

  19. Devlin says:

    I always found that games with skills like WOW teach a valuable lesson; stealing and cheating is the quickest way to success, while hard work and determination will lead to ambiguity.

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