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One Nil

August 1, 2012

Here you go. Later than usual because some heavy stuff came up, but better later than never I guess. Thanks for sticking around.

Oh, and I’m way behind on emails, that’s going to take a while to get through.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hell yeah another firefox user

  2. Isaac says:

    me, but i get 100’s of crap.exe’s a day.

  3. Falos says:

    Totally sounds like a virus :X

    1. jonamae says:

      maybe its a game or a comic or a video or any anti virus or virus…………………..hmmm…….wait….what was I saying

  4. maddpanda says:

    awwww i sorry bud it will get better i promise 🙂

  5. ShinyLatios says:

    The Net Was Fast…
    Aaaaaaand it’s Gone

  6. David says:

    I can relate to this comic right now.

  7. a says:

    Sorry. I am an idiot.

  8. Jcwnorfolk says:

    Heck I remember practicing my guitar and other odd jobs while waiting for DIAL UP to connect!! And then NOT connecting and starting all over!! Ah the good old days.

    1. KyleCrafty says:

      You must be really good at guitar O.o

  9. Saeed says:

    Back in my day we had to wait overnight for 1 full meg to download. That was only 15 years ago. Sigh…

  10. NAME says:

    You know, if you’d decide to make a book or sell other stuff, I’d be quite interested in buying… Just saying…
    I love these comics of yours!

    1. 0-0 says:

      Wait wait wait….look at the file name:



      1. NAME says:

        To be honest I am missing why this was in reply to my comment, but yes!
        Yes it is amazing!
        Though I had noticed it straight away, so it’s not like I missed it or anything. Still funny though

  11. Stupid guy says:

    I’m sorry, but I didn’t get the joke… Could somebody explain it to me?

  12. Neospector says:

    So, you do this, but am I the only one who does YouTube buffering races?Which video can load the fastest?

  13. Joe says:

    panel 3
    he only has one strand of hair, no wonder he wears a hat

  14. Wannie Wirny says:

    Haha true story!
    + Bonus points for Firefox.

  15. bempelise says:

    Love the anticipating face at the second cadre. You nail them every single time! LIke in the one with the time machine and the one with the Vomitron (first cadre) I love them!

  16. frogy8thefly says:

    Dude. Google chrome. Come on now.

  17. Ruchikaaa says:

    hahaha awesome… 😀

  18. Adam says:

    HAHA! olympics fever

  19. Omega Lairon says:

    A pain I know all too well, and the major reason I’m seriously considering moving to a country that isn’t in the ass-end of nowhere. Who really cares if we’ve got hot, cloudless Summer days and endless kilometres of pristine beaches… I’m a pasty nerd, I have no need of such things.

    This comic is great… everything about it just works so well. The art (as usual), the expressions, the well executed joke. 9 thumbs up.

    1. Raleigh Brecht says:

      Why worry about that here, people don’t really care about how hot it is or weather change!

  20. jajtelan says:

    oh wait i think the other guy’s high lol

  21. Sepehr says:

    Poor guy, he is downloading a virus, Noob Pirate 😀
    .exe.avi.zip 😀

  22. maisie says:

    i want more comics with the stoner guy 😀

  23. CaseTheGod says:

    So close but so far away!
    Can you pass the popcorn?

  24. Adrian May says:

    time to update your connection 😛

    1. Ahem. says:

      You’ve obviously never tried the internet in New Zealand. Also, I think I love you, Gregor.

  25. serge says:

    LOL my team is 5 times better (5-nil) woot!

    1. mrC says:

      Mine is 3 times faster than yours. UMAD? ^^

      1. Anonymus says:

        i fucking hate my 200kb/sec 🙁

        1. Adira says:

          What? I trapped with under 200kbps. And i still have to calm down….

          1. Snowstorm417 says:

            Jeez I’m still stuck with ~20kbs

          2. Isaac says:

            I have an average of 10 KBPS

  26. Mango says:

    Great art as always! Lol the guy has popcorn

  27. Nima says:

    to all those friends who want to calculate 204:706, yes it IS 28%!

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