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March 2, 2017

House-sitting for my parents again this month, but it’s not all bad. Also in other news, I gotta prepare for Chromacon next month!

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  1. Captain_turttle says:

    Wow… spider is just watching

  2. Alex says:

    I love the little twists at the end of each comic!

  3. Help A. Thief says:

    I knew “not all bad” involved a cat! (but I’m guessing do did everyone) ^_^

    Thats an interesting twist.. and I love the box being labelled ‘stuff’. Can totally imagine how thlse characters run lol

  4. Febriananda says:

    Help a thief!
    Help, a thief!
    Comma does make a difference… 😉

    1. Riley says:

      lol X3

    2. skilopsaros says:

      let’s eat grandma
      let’s eat, grandma
      commas can also save lives

  5. MrDeathCrow says:

    I’m remembered him saying “I’m with you” during the stream, #MandelaEffect

  6. Simon says:

    What’s the spider’s name?

  7. I like how the box is labeled “STUFF”…

  8. I like how the box is labeled “STUFF”…

  9. Kyle says:

    This should become the beginning of a romantic series to rival the likes of Twilight! Maybe even surpass Twilight! Oh who am I kidding.

  10. Mathew.V says:

    Nicely done, love the style.

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