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Not That Funny

February 21, 2014

Aiming to release comics on a Thursday (instead of a Monday) from now on (which means this comic is a day late (hooray)). Also, I’m planning on making an announcement next week..!

Merry Weekend!

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  1. DarknessShallFall says:

    Heh Caps LOL means laugh out loud, lower caps means Lots of love.

    Tho these change so much and some have more meanings. Like Lack of laughter, etc.

  2. Peppermint Buttler says:

    Lol your a Genius for these comics

  3. Funnynin says:

    I’m concerned by the amount of people who are licking their eyeballs in your comics.

  4. Coach says:

    Still a lol. Baby steps.

  5. Andrei says:

    http://hugelol.com/lol/248720. Shouldn’t they ask for your permission to upload that ?

    1. Thematiq says:

      On hugelol this art was uploaded 1st March, here was added 28th February.

  6. IncandescentCat says:

    Love your comics, Gregor! Glad to see some activity on the site!

  7. Anno says:

    Some of this are gold, others are just… very good 🙂 Keep up the good work and thanks for the free laughs 🙂

  8. Jorge Gtz says:

    Man, you should make some Iphone cases with your comics to sell!
    Keep up this great work of yours.
    Greetings from Mexico!

  9. Raleigh says:

    Why so sad over tiny lol?

  10. extremist343 says:

    oops caps … lol
    nah just messing with you!

  11. Geekey says:

    Very good as always. I love so much these facial expressions 🙂

  12. Omega Lairon says:

    My friends must get this a lot – I’m notorious for not even smiling at most things, even if they are genuinely fun or at least interesting. The important thing is YOU thought it was funny.

  13. Marscaleb says:

    Oh Magenta, you are such a tease…

  14. AirMan121 says:

    I don’t know why, but the address http://www.loadingartist.com no longer leads to the first comic, but comic Out of Control.

    1. Gregor says:

      Really? Hmm, not for me. What browser are you using?

      1. Zach says:

        You might even say that the site is…


        1. Luna says:

          goddamn it

  15. chris says:

    Lol, so simple yet so funny. great work

  16. John says:

    comic is not displaying ):

  17. Johnny says:

    I love your comics man, keep up with the good work!!! 🙂

    1. Johnny says:

      And you have some php error displayed after submiting comment, some word-replace plugin error.

      1. Gregor says:

        Hey thanks for the heads up, I’ve deactivated that plugin now. Let me know if it happens again!

        1. Tom says:

          I dont know whats up with the bar on the left, and if it’s always been there, but I cant see any of your comics anymore.

  18. veronica says:

    ooops i sometimes do that with the caps

  19. swarles barkley says:

    So you’re basically making an annoucement that you’re gonna make an aunnouncement

  20. Peeker says:

    she laughed twice even better

  21. OldbreeD says:

    Besides that I don’t think anyone really laughs … they just type lol with a neutral face 😀

  22. Flury says:

    I think we’re all have been there xD

  23. Kyle says:

    Awesome! I love that sad fast in the last panel

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