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Show Comments (27)

  1. Person says:


  2. Koool says:


  3. BigTimeComicLover says:

    I looove Loading Artist!! The comics leave me in splits! His one’s great too! So true! (And now that i was rechecking what i wrote before posting my comment, i thought in my head : TOO MANY EXCLAMATIONS!)

  4. Stephano08 says:

    Is there no spider in this one?

    1. Stephano08 says:

      nvm! Found him!

    2. Pie says:

      The spider is the phone button in 4th pic

      1. Melody S0ul says:

        And the hat is on the phone too

    3. NicsterV says:

      at the end blue doesnt even care

  5. Jaidy says:

    Just finished reading each and every single comic from the first one to end ^-^
    Took me a whole day but totally worth it!
    Loved them all and going to tell my friends about you πŸ™‚
    Hope I don’t make you think I’m stalking XD

    1. IHeartLoadingArt says:

      I did that too! With the new two or three years of comics that have been added, it took me about two days.

  6. Thom_as19 says:

    Man that was funny
    I like all of your work. Your ‘re such a great Person.

  7. Arnette says:

    I’ve been seeing your comic strips on 9gag and decided to check the link out. Man I was hooked, I just read all your strips (I feel like a stalker o_O). Well, long story short – I love your work, and kudos for leaving your day job to follow your dreams. I really hope you’ll make it. Cheers!

  8. JHSpencer says:

    Dude, you make your own phones?

  9. John Bell Stuart says:

    Okay this may be over analyzing, but I thought I’d add a note.

    In panel 3, he’s clearly concerned that he “should have lol’d instead of haha’d”, but closer inspection of his phone and conversation reveals that he did in fact “lol” instead of “haha”. Further, he ends that text with a poop emoji (or what appears to be one), which probably caused her to stop responding well before her untimely demise. The “pls respond” was a nice touch though.

  10. WoodCoal says:

    Well that escalated quickly.

  11. r3zn1k says:


  12. Omega Lairon says:

    Am I supposed to laugh, and then immediately feel terrible for laughing? Because if so, mission accomplished. So tragic… yet so fun.

  13. LegendofCheese says:

    love the phone logo

  14. Switch Blade says:

    She dieded

    1. AG19 says:


  15. Mandeep Nandhra says:

    bwahahahaa! This really made me laugh. Our imagination really can run wild on us at times. XD

  16. justMoe says:

    I really like this comic, but people should not take this situation for granted. It happened. I started a long distance friendship with someone. We chatted for very long. The she stopped texting back. First I though she just fucked around, or simply wanted to end the friendship the “easy” way.
    But yeah. She died in a car accident. Just like that. :/
    Tell your loved ones how you feel from day to day πŸ™‚ life’s short. (ps. Her birthday would have been the fifth of march)

    1. Arsspeak says:

      I feel you man πŸ™

  17. Komocode says:

    “but wait…did she die…because of something I said?”

  18. Foxite says:

    Relatable lol

    …or should I have haha’d?

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