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New Friend

January 11, 2011

My apologies for this comic being late. I bought a notepad and pen the other day so that should help with getting new ideas and more comics out there.  My plan is to fill the rest of January with daily comics, and then from February onwards it will be two comics a week (I think). I haven’t decided what days yet, but just thought I’d mention it.

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    This was absolutely hilarious.
    also don’t call me a psychopath because i already know i am

  2. Mardov says:

    This hurts me deeply. Like seriously.

  3. Thanatos says:

    This hit my heart

  4. Gordie Miller says:

    There was more fruit than in the bowl I’m sorry to be a stickler

  5. Ember says:

    I think some of that fruit needs to be peeled and, if the breads name is toastie, are they already toasted, or did it’s parents know what was coming?

    1. yourfriend says:

      the parents, loaf of bread. grandparents, wheat, and farmer

  6. LemoNad says:


  7. I like cheese says:

    Lol this is so sad.

  8. birb says:

    He never peeled the orange…

  9. Ye says:

    Fuck me

  10. Nonexi Stent says:

    R.I.P. fruit 🙁 Also R.I.P. toastie (eventually)

  11. OneToaatyBoi says:

    Hi I’m Toastie!

  12. PAR4LYS1S says:

    LOL SO FUNnY I fell of my chair laughing

  13. somek00ldude says:


  14. A Guy says:

    like if you’re reading in 2017

    1. Enchilada Forever says:

      Foolish mortal
      I’m reading in 1934

      Also you can’t like comments on here

    2. Hi people of Earth says:

      But, it says you put that in the year 2018, although, I guess you can do whatever you want.

      1. Gordie Miller says:

        I’m reading in 2019 haha

  15. School Buds says:

    Sorry, but I laughed (yes I’m a horrible person) my friend started to tear up (she wanted a happy ending for the fruit)

  16. Sorry to ruin your day says:

    Toastie will soon meet a similar fate, burning to death by the hands of the unknowing toaster.

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