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Naughty or Nice

December 20, 2019

Last comic for 2019! Thank you very much for reading! :loadLove:

Also, I’m closing the store (very soon) for big renovations over the break. Also still to come is the 2019 wrap up blog post featuring my top 5 favourite comics and the Hall of Memes (here’s 2018’s). Join the Discord or follow me on Twitter / Instagram / Facebook for updates!

Merry Christmas!



Tony Ramelli2
Gustav Seymore
Dennis Schubert
Lily Williamson
Lukas Lenzenweger
Cory Gingerich2
Per O isdahl
Fuu Harahap
Teddy Boragina
  • Matthew Inman
  • Henry Vindin
  • Bradley Pirtle
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Show Comments (16)

  1. ThogPlayz says:

    here goes the worst year ever 😀

  2. Penthesilea says:

    Hey Gregor!
    Hope u had a good start into 2020! :loadLaugh: When do we get to see your first comic of the year?

  3. Idk says:

    Santa is you know who alert

  4. ANES says:

    he is got a point you know

    1. oddiTi says:

      Not for much longer if he doesn’t get some pants

      1. Rat says:

        It took you two weeks to come up with that? Pretty sure it’s already frozen off by now.

  5. Anon says:

    the kid’s D: is simple but effective

  6. AtrumMessor says:

    I didn’t know Santa was the US government…

  7. Anonymous says:

    Spider in third panel on the tree.

  8. Lol i love Christmas comics

  9. Brian says:

    Has anyone noticed how the animation with the person holding the star overlaps?

    1. Brian says:

      The stars overlap as well

    2. Gregor says:

      Hmm it does? What browser and OS are you using?

  10. hagentyl2021 says:

    That kid knows too much

  11. Maria says:

    Your Santa is hardcore, first ho ho- Take the shot, and now this! I think he might make you wish you only got coal for Christmas for being on his bad side!

  12. unloading says:

    There is a hidden sheep in the first image

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