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My First Convention

October 25, 2012

Based on a true story.

First convention down! I enjoyed it and it was successful, I also learned a lot for next time. Speaking of which, I feel like going to more conventions, I have my eye on the Wellington Armageddon expo next year. Maybe even some Australian one(s)??! Possibly.

It was super awesome meeting you guys, and also awesome seeing new people enjoying my comics in real life. Thanks to everyone who came by!

Also, for those who weren’t there and are wondering what the hell that thing is on the table next to me, I shared a table with my friend Pat and his comic Asscat (no website yet). EVERYONE who walked by had the exact same reaction as eachother: “Hehehe.. Asscat.” EVERY TIME. It was magical.

Thanks again, see you next time.

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  1. mason says:

    i think i was him

  2. Player2HasJoined says:

    This is your life now

    Doomed to shake hands with this stranger.

    Good luck.

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