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Bonus panels on Patreon!

My First Convention

October 25, 2012

Based on a true story.

First convention down! I enjoyed it and it was successful, I also learned a lot for next time. Speaking of which, I feel like going to more conventions, I have my eye on the Wellington Armageddon expo next year. Maybe even some Australian one(s)??! Possibly.

It was super awesome meeting you guys, and also awesome seeing new people enjoying my comics in real life. Thanks to everyone who came by!

Also, for those who weren’t there and are wondering what the hell that thing is on the table next to me, I shared a table with my friend Pat and his comic Asscat (no website yet). EVERYONE who walked by had the exact same reaction as eachother: “Hehehe.. Asscat.” EVERY TIME. It was magical.

Thanks again, see you next time.

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  1. Arx11 says:

    I would KILL fo a LD Hat pin thingy right now

  2. EpicLegitSi says:

    All these years have gone by..

    it’s the 100th comic for goodness sake

  3. Not Asscat says:

    2 years? Try 5. You will be missed, Asscat.

  4. Anthony says:

    2 whole years.
    No Asscat webcomics yet!
    I really like your comics and several others, and I wanna add that ass to my Comic list!

    -mediocre RSS Reader

  5. Kakkuonhyvaa says:

    HAH HAH! I do this all the time! It’s super awkward.

  6. Zak says:


  7. Liam says:

    I was at armageddon this year and saw your booth. i decideed to pick up the book and have a read, and found found myself attracting strange looks from people in neighbouring lines from my random outbursts of uncontrollable laughted. huge fan now, love all the comics, beutifully simple.

  8. Zy says:

    If you do come to Aus, try the Oz City Comic Con, it’s only started this year, but the first was so damn successful, I had to elbow my way through the crowds.

  9. Blazenit says:

    so wait you live in the mid-eastern or where?

    1. Blazenit says:

      oh and guy from SoCAl!

  10. Anett says:

    I love all your comics. They’re always makes me smile and laugh. Once I tried to make something like these, but it was not funny, so I appreciate your talent 🙂
    A girl from Hungary

  11. Bella says:

    I can’t believe I went to Armageddon and found your comics a week later. Aw man…I’ve read all of them ^.^ And I’ve actually seen some of them around and never bothered to go to the site on the watermark. I’m glad I finally got here. 😀

  12. Avenged says:

    Oh! Please come to Melbourne Armageddon expo next year! Best experience/atmosphere there. Plus I know a few guys who draw their own comics up there that are pretty easy going

  13. Raleigh Brecht says:

    I’m all the way from Garland Texas, I bet seeing you in reallife would make it compareable to you in the comics, including your sister or relative!

  14. Nabil says:

    What?! You have convention?! BOY, I LIVE IN INDONESIA AND I HATE THIS THING!

  15. Chris says:

    Wait a minute . . . have you been from New Zealand all along?!

  16. DiscoMoregy42 says:

    You should totally visit Aus! Make sure to visit Melbourne one day! I’ve never been to an Armageddon Con yet, but you’ll give me good reason to…
    Keep up the brilliant work!!! :3

  17. So how do you get a booth at a con? Are you invited or do you have to pay for it?

    1. Gregor says:

      You just sign up and pay for a table in advance.

  18. How do you get to be in a convention? Are you invited or do you sign up?

  19. Jenbug says:

    Dude you are awesome! And it would be awesome if you could ever come to belfast in ireland! i would LOVE to meet you!! 😀

  20. Omega Lairon says:

    We’d love to have you over here at some point. Preferably Sydney, so I don’t have to travel very far, but really anywhere in the country and you can bet your ass I’ll move heaven and earth to be there. I could be the super obsessed creeper who loiters around the Loading Artist booth all day offering favours of dubious value.

    But enough about that, comic time! Oh man, you absolutely nailed this one. It’s well drawn (again), and the joke is great. I actually started to feel a little uncomfortable myself towards the end there… but in a good way.

  21. parnian says:

    congrats! actually you have more fans than what you expected!
    yeah bring those comics to real world, keep it up man.

  22. stranger says:

    lmao i think this might be me xD when i said hi and started taking about how great your comics are you seemed alittle scared hahahahaha

  23. Popmadon says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaah… I’m so gutted I missed out!!! I really wanted to make Armageddon this year, but I was down in Welly last weekend…

    I sooooo would have been that person!!!
    I also would’ve whispered “I love you” as you let go of my hand – and possibly then sniffed my hand…

  24. OAH says:

    Ass cat… 1st thing I saw. xD

    But marvelous comic. Can’t wait to see future comics and more possible involvement with the police. :3

  25. Silver2leaves says:

    It’s sad that I missed the Asscat the first time I read through! D: I’m so lame.

  26. Gruselgurke says:

    I laughed about the asscat way more than it can be considered normal. That idea is indeed magical.

  27. Ham says:

    You should try to make it to Gen-Con next August. Please…

  28. Hah, I immediately thought “Asscat” when I saw that. Hilarious. Also, congrats on your first con!

  29. Bill Murphy says:

    Congratulations on your first convention.
    Also nice work on your home page. 🙂

  30. Zac says:

    Come to Sydney! It’s way better than silly Brisbane.

  31. Russell says:

    please come to australia 😀

  32. Bruce says:

    That dude really shake your hand non-stop? LoLnr

  33. flurren says:

    Hehe looking awesome 🙂 I hope to see you at some convention somewhere sometime 🙂 but I think the chances of you going to Sweden are kinda low. . .

  34. Saeed says:

    Woo. Way to go. Congrats on your first con.

    Hehehe… Asscat. 😀

  35. Noor says:

    PLEASE come to Armageddon in Melbourne, Australia! I WOULD CRY! (of happiness) 😀

  36. victor_imyf says:

    I actually burst in laughter at the 4th panel. I still am.

  37. Javier says:

    Congratulations~~ ! ^^

  38. C says:

    If you came to Australia I’d certainly give you an awkward handshake…………………………………………………………..heh.

  39. Ryan says:

    Come to Brisbane!

    1. Steve says:

      I second this! Love your work dude

    2. Dee says:

      It is official, you have at least three fans in Brisbane. I trust you to take the appropriate action.

    3. Dan says:

      Yes I wholeheartedly agree. Brisbane 😀 (Australia!)

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