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Mobile Phones

May 8, 2011

Too tired to think of what to write here. I bought an HDTV and Mortal Kombat for my PS3 today, but didn’t realise I lacked an HDMI cable until all the stores were closed. Good thing I guess though, otherwise this comic wouldn’t have been posted until much, much later.

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  1. Penthesilea says:

    I just came by this comic again after 8 years. As many people say we still have phones that look quite the same. However, we have to admit that the inside of our phones changed a lot. Even, with the new update on iPhone (I mean version 13) it‘s possible to create shortcuts for automatic actions on your phone. So by just pressing one button, it can write you a whole e-mail, send messages or just check up the weather for you. Also, we have the possibilities to use watches, rings or even glasses as phones.
    In conclusion, I would definitely say yes, this comic really is hilarious. :loadlaugh:

  2. ilikepi12 says:

    Now we have multi touch phones with 3 cameras

    1. 3 camreas no jack says:

      And no headphone jack of course

  3. justsomeknowitall says:

    It has been almost exactly eight years and this comic is not yet hilarious in the way it’s intended.

  4. Jzoshum says:

    We’ve got foldable phones now.

  5. Fishiboi says:

    Heh, he still has a home button on his phone

    1. Sus says:

      Heh, he still has a headphone jack.

  6. wwwwwooooowwwww this is a wierd website my friends told me about

  7. Star says:

    It’s 2018. We have facial recognition, curved screens and mobile data. (Not all of this is recent…)

  8. Stalker1111111111121 says:

    I mean, they’ve changed a little bit, but not too much, so I gues you weren’t too far off

  9. ian haverstock says:

    Been 7 years
    Is it Hilarious because phones have barely changed now?

    1. Dat loading fan says:

      What’s I thought too…

  10. Memo says:

    UM ACTUALLY..no…basically the same thing…

  11. MyrtleBeachDude says:

    It’s 2017 and my phone doesn’t even register multi-touch.

  12. Haylie Davis says:

    6 years later…

  13. Tyrone says:

    This will be funny when the Google singularity is released to public

  14. Me says:

    You were right

  15. TheGreatest665 says:

    Herro. Still just as funny.

  16. Kristine says:

    It’s 2017 and we now have curved screens, worse battery lifetime and 4k cameras on our phones.

  17. Top Frog says:

    We got to wait five more years for it to be funny

  18. NameyNameName says:

    Well, I bet it would be funny if smartphones actually changed besides getting bigger…

  19. edward says:

    5 years to the day and its still pretty much the same

  20. Carter says:

    It’s pretty much the same still.

    1. Stanislav says:

      Let’s wait 10 more years

  21. Tasha says:

    Eh, only mildly funny

  22. Derian says:

    The Future is now

    1. Williams says:

      Thanks to science

      1. Touko says:

        I can’t decide whether to laugh or die of shame from knowing what you just referenced. Dang younger siblings…

  23. Geeky says:

    This comic is now officially funny!

  24. From the future says:

    What? It’s not even holographic yet? And no 5D screen?

  25. hahahaha oh man, it even has a button… oh god, time to get back to the future

  26. LAGGLE says:

    hmmm ಠ_ಠ

  27. Kendra Jones says:

    saw on imgur! 😀

  28. Jamie says:

    You’re already outdated.
    Look up “sixth sense” technology.

  29. XoliverklozofXx says:

    i dont get it
    (Poker face)
    (Troll Face)

  30. Nonofyoushit says:

    i think maybe 0 iPhone 4S is better 😛 smart phones are dumb phones

    1. Joshua says:

      Um… The iPhone IS a smartphone, I think you’re just a dumb person… And Android is faaar better than the iPhone. Unless you like the picket fence Apple has that keeps you from doing shit unless you jailbreak it.

      1. Geeky says:

        Gosh, talk about mean. Some people like different things. Just accept it.

        1. Nathan says:

          Well, he merely speaks the truth. iPhones are not nearly as diverse and powerful as Androids. So, just learn to accept that the iPhone is inferior to Android devices.

  31. Nabil says:

    *Stand from the chair, kicking toilet door like a spartanian.*
    You see mobile phone with antenna that allow you to watch TV, but you have multi-touch smartphone then WHY are you jealous?
    Edit: WHY i jealous to you having smartphones? Anyway, i trolled looking this one. 😀

  32. Aita says:

    Honestly, it’s been funny since “smartphones” are a thing now.

    Wearcomps have been around almost twenty years, and at least five in better condition than your normal smartphone. The Eyetap plans are available to anyone who cares too.

    So yeah, already hilarious to early-adopters of new tech.

  33. Ro-Roxas says:

    It has been just 5 months and this is already hilarious. Phones have gotten progressivly MUCH better since then (supposedly. commercials lie to me a lot)

  34. Me says:

    this comic is fun for a person whose first cellphone was a Motorola Startac and does not understand it’s current touch pad cell phone

  35. luedriver says:

    “One day we’ll look back on this and laugh…. and laugh…. and la-a-a-a-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *BZZZZZZZZZZ*”

  36. sir wernich says:

    almost like us. we bought a ps3, then got home and found out it doesn’t come with an hdmi cable. the next week i went to buy one and the sold me a the hdmi mini cable, then they didn’t want to let me swap it out. pft.

    anyways, you interested in buying an hdmi mini cable? 😀

  37. Gisgar says:

    What’s your PSN? If you don’t mind telling

  38. Hotaruzuki says:


  39. anon says:

    What if we’re all dead?

    1. Alan says:

      Then this website will be down due to server payments and the domain, then people 5-10 years in the future won’t see this. D:

  40. HappyKitten says:

    LOL I like it!

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