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Mobile Phones

May 8, 2011

Too tired to think of what to write here. I bought an HDTV and Mortal Kombat for my PS3 today, but didn’t realise I lacked an HDMI cable until all the stores were closed. Good thing I guess though, otherwise this comic wouldn’t have been posted until much, much later.

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  1. Shivrer says:

    Is this comic funny yet?

  2. valid says:

    year 2021 they are da same

  3. Bruh Momentum says:

    Weird to think that this comment was made almost a decade ago… crazy how time flies. Bet that he didn’t predict face or touch id and me-emojis that move!

  4. Basil says:

    It’s 2020 and there about the same.

    1. HELP US IN 2021 says:

      Its 2021 now and the world is already ending

  5. R3Ked says:

    He was right.

  6. Strike says:

    Virtual reality:

  7. Dudermansion says:

    The next coolest thing I can see coming is flip smartphones coming up next year

    1. HELP US IN 2021 says:

      They did that in 2020 dude

      1. Catpotato says:

        We worship dudermansion the prophet, but unfortunately he gave us no warning about the pandemic. Still. Flip smartphones!

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