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  1. Hugo says:

    Maybe… a spider?! 😀

    (I’ve been quite curious what the most recent comic _without_ a spider is. And whether the spider made occasional appearances before it became the reliable regular it now is.)

  2. HarleytheBoss says:

    What is the name of the new guy (now has a moustache)?

  3. Cam says:

    Is that guy a real representation of someone you know? And is that girl your wife? Just wondering! Love the comics! Keep up the FANTASTIC work.

    1. Gregor says:

      That guy is based on a couple friends of mine! And the girl was my girlfriend at the time (now ex).

      1. Kip says:

        Aw, too bad. Sorry to hear that. Love your comics, keep it up!

      2. GingaNinja says:

        sorry man but literally your comics is all i do at work, keep it up there hilarious

  4. Aizad says:

    You and your comics rock I really Love your comics… You don’t sleep and stay awake at nights for us thank you man! Thanks! Or should I say you do it for the ads —-_—-! Huh? just joking no offense! you do a great job… At least i don’t get offended by not paying you For you ads rock! For us You Rock! Thanks!

  5. Aizad says:

    I love your comics and I really like u ’cause of your comics! You rock, your comics rock… You don’t even sleep for us… You do it for us thanks! …Or should I say… FOR ADS!.. No offense… just to make it funnier… You still rock Grgor.. btw great name!

  6. CarnageContestant says:

    He looks high.

  7. jeenzzzzz says:

    LOL. this guy will soon grow a ‘stache and a beard.

  8. Lil'REDpunk says:

    Love him. He’s a keeper! ^_^b

  9. Pedro says:

    Hunter S. Thompson! Nice!

  10. Keegan says:

    I like the current character. Hes soo cool with his had.

    1. Gregor says:

      Current character isn’t changing, don’t worry. The talk of this comic is adding an additional character. Probably should’ve made that more clear.

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