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June 5, 2015

This is the longest comic I’ve done this year. I think this might even be longer than any comic I did in 2014 as well! I’m not sure. Love you, goodnight!



Tony Ramelli
Niklas Krig
Daniel Wilson
Keelan Barrette
Kenneth T
Jason Yu
Jim Makos
Sean Lim
Kyle Stark
Bob Koutsky
Justin Johnson
Gavin Bigall
  • Matthew Inman
  • Gustav Seymore
  • Joachim S.B
  • Keegan Gibson
  • Manfred Schreiber
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Show Comments (45)

  1. Person says:

    Well that went dark fast…………

  2. CarrieFotle says:


  3. Joshua Siew says:

    why does it think the mama is the plane

  4. Im a horrible person for laughing but i lost my appetite when my mom said we were eating bird.

  5. Audrick Rodano says:

    Its… dead…

  6. Nemo says:


  7. MSmelodys0ul says:

    I think the bird survived and lost a few feathers.

  8. Caspian says:

    Read it backwards

    1. VectorLightning says:

      That could be the start of a really awesome game…

      1. Tanisha S. says:

        It really would.

    2. Enchilada Forever says:

      Holy crap
      You sick bastard

  9. Alex says:

    Wow… Great design

  10. In this world is kill or be killed says:

    Poor bird

  11. that one kid named matt says:

    i’m so mean for thinking this is so funny

  12. bluh says:

    Don’t do this man… You are very talented, so you can skip comics like this… Wan’t even funny… :/

    1. Can says:

      Well he made this comic not because he wanted to show you guys, but because he personally found it funny.

  13. minibott says:

    But the bird was so cute….

  14. PattyCake123 says:

    Tbh before I read the comments I thought the guy in the plane was scared of the bird

  15. Matthew says:

    That’s Cyanide and Happiness level of comic. 😀

  16. gridsleep says:


  17. Omega Lairon says:

    Wait, there’s a new comic? Damn it Gmail, way to do the one literal thing you’re supposed to do -_-‘

    So anyway, not much more I can add at this point. I laughed, I cried, I laughed again when I was sure no-one could see and judge me for the cold heartless bastard I obviously must be.

    9/10 – made me crave fried chicken.

    1. Dragon says:

      Oooooh, fried chicken.

  18. HarEtz says:

    I… didn’t see that coming.

    1. Hiya Guy says:

      Neither did the bird.

      1. Victor Frankenstein says:


  19. Alex says:

    Oh my God! This is so dark! But still awesome drawing.

  20. zombie01 says:

    the death is only suggested, we see some feathers.
    Perhaps it’s another bird right? right?….. right?

  21. Neospector says:

    Oh god that was cruel. And hilarious. Hilariously cruel.

  22. Bart says:

    I laughed! I cried!

  23. twopunchman says:

    I bet this will have more page view if the bird is a Chocobo!

  24. Kyle says:

    omg. so sad and yet so loading artist. love all the artwork put into the backgrounds.

  25. Carbon says:

    Oh…come on!

  26. If you had drawn a baby pigeon, we probably would have felt relieved at the end.

  27. Marscaleb says:

    Those trees look nice! Is there any particular process or tool you used to make the backgrounds look painted?

  28. Constructive Critic says:

    Love it! I am so glad to see a change from the last comic you did, with something like 5 total panels. This is well drawn, designed, and actually has body. I like the second to last sky panel. The only critique I could make is maybe a more detailed character face on the final panel.

  29. SaraMuzik says:

    This….is exactly why we don’t leave the golden confetti on the wings, Harold!

  30. Archebius says:

    This is the saddest I’ve been in a long time.

  31. Catbeastaisha says:

    When I saw how cute the chick was, I knew it was going to end horrifically and I was not disappointed.

  32. Zib says:

    You’re a mean cartoonist. 🙂

  33. Dragon says:


  34. John Phillips says:

    This comics sick, twisted and DEMENTED humor is exactly what I love.

  35. ROBOTunderscore says:


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