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Bonus panels on Patreon!

Making Money

March 16, 2014

Still tweaking parts of the website since the accidental apocalypse I triggered with a Comicpress update. Special thanks to Li and Jordan from Extra Ordinary comics for helping me fix the ‘blurry comic’ issue the site had!

Also, I found out why some people were getting a dodgy looking popup while browsing on mobile devices, and I fixed that too (for reals this time). Let me know if you encounter it again!

Also also, everyone should watch the new Cosmos show. It’s great.

Some people suggested I put up a Bitcoin donation thingy, so I’ve finally made a Bitcoin wallet now..!

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  1. ??? says:

    In the description it says that Gregor made a bitcoin wallet… hope he got rich when the bitcoin’s worth sky-rocketed…

  2. Andrew Sauer says:

    If you see this, I just want to say that every time I see a new comic from you, it makes me smile! Keep up the funny stuff, and I can promise that I will never stop looking at the same ones over and over again!

  3. ThisGuyAsThisGuy says:


  4. Coach says:

    At one point someone just made up the US dollar… currency only represents what people will take for it.

    Hell the British empire was built on the Tally stick system. Yeah… sticks.

  5. Stan says:

    That’s kinda why Bitcoin is also illegal in some places.

  6. Eric D says:

    Makes really a point regarding to the “digital currency” issue, you might as well pull another currency right from your arse, just like the e-gold empire which was supposedly backed by Gold…

  7. tirsden says:

    I’d buy a hatcoin too. X3 Partly because the hat reminds me of Nostalgia Critic, and also Zero Punctuation to a lesser degree… in hats we trust fersure!

  8. BombNeqture says:

    Bitcoin is mean?
    I think bitcoin mean money or donate?
    I not have wacom bamboo tablet & pen and computer….But I not have enough…I was just saddest useing both my notepaper is too much…
    How save more for moeny?
    I had $8billion money I don’t know my mom said…

  9. Ryguy says:

    1.) I have been going throughout the archive, and it is a special Flavor of eclectic; nice!

    2.) I was looking forward to the new Cosmos show until I heard of McFarlane’s role. That man is as subtle as a slaughter house when it comes to his disdain for religion. At least Sagon had an anthropologist’s respect for human tradition, which he reflected rather well throughout most of the old series. I was rather hoping that Dyson would follow Morgan Freeman’s philosophical style from Through The Wormhole; Freeman may not be a professional scientist, but he is a First rate philosopher, and his open minded semi-agnosticism to religion and cosmology is perfect for getting more ordinary people interested in space. Dyson collaborating with a spiteful misotheist could very well backfire on his goals of expanding people’s interest in general.

    3.) I just can’t resist: since you are both a Polock and a Kiwi, should we call you a “Piwi” (Pewee)?! πŸ˜›

  10. Cody says:

    Are hatcoins the official bitcoin parody currency?

  11. Omega Lairon says:

    You’re getting a PS4 and a TV for under $500? Where is this mystical store, and why aren’t I there already?

    Great comic as usual, especially with the new “donate Bitcoin” button for added hilarity. So is Bitcoin the way of the future, or do you prefer cash/paypal?

    1. Gregor says:

      Thanks! Either is good! Although I feel like straight up cash moneys is still the safer option (for me).

    2. infr says:

      no no, it wasn’t 500 dollars, it was 500 hatcoin. You forgot the conversation rate into account :3

      1. SMD says:

        no, it says 500$ on that one coin. that coin is worth 500 in usd

        1. infr says:

          $ is used in other places than just the US, you know…

      2. GUygUY says:

        But the counter says 497.99 and they do not use hatcoin.

  12. janex2 says:

    This reminds me so much of this older MST3K thing:

  13. Alex says:

    You should totally make those coins in real life and sell them. I would buy them πŸ˜€

    1. Aush says:

      Haha. Me too!

      1. Dopplegamer says:


  14. Katie says:

    Woo! Totally sent you some BTC πŸ˜€ If you’re gonna be at armegeddon again this year, you could look at selling your prints and stuff for BTC too! πŸ˜€

  15. Billdr says:

    Saw this on /r/bitcoin. I ended up reading your entire series. Then I gave you .007btc. Thanks for the laughs.

  16. Sean Flynn says:

    I really want one of those coins.

  17. :) says:

    omg this one cracked me up!!

  18. ruissu says:

    Funny comic . Fresh as always !

    Samsung s4 here. No pop up

  19. Marscaleb says:

    I don’t know; it looks like a more stable currency than the crap we get from the Federal Reserve…

  20. sarah says:

    No pop up here! Galaxy s3. Maybe you fixed it!

    Haha in hat we trust lmao

  21. Chris P says:

    Regarding the popups, it could be one of your ad providers. It seems to be a common thing, and I don’t know who to report to to complain about the damned things…

  22. Maxtimot says:

    This comic reminded me this one from NerfNow:


    Sometimes, great minds think alike.

    1. lainverse says:

      Especially if they both are playing TF2 or at least heard about it…

  23. Michelleah says:

    Love it! The thumbs makes it!

  24. Clay says:

    Awesome comic, no pop up on my HTC One.

    1. Chris P says:

      Uuuugh, fuck those ads. Whoever is letting them in (I doubt the website owners do) should be shot.

  25. John says:

    I’ve always felt we should go back to the “age of hats.” And hat currency? Even better! Then we could just share them around with everybody!

  26. joachim says:

    Great comic! Still getting the popup on my samsung galaxy s3

    1. Gregor says:

      Thanks! Also, how about now?

      1. joachim says:

        Sorry about the late answer, seems like it is fixed now!

  27. Alice says:

    Still encountering the pop up on my samsung galaxy s4 πŸ™

    1. Gregor says:

      Thanks for the heads up. How about now?

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